Review of the Clarisonic Mia 2

It has been sooooo long since I did my review on the Clarisonic so I thought it would be a great time to do an update. I used this product for maybe two months and then basically completely stopped using it. It was making me break out like crazy! I stuck it out for a few weeks, thinking this was skin's "purging" face, but the break outs just wouldn't go away. I did love how well this product cleaned my face, but it wasn't worth it to me to deal with blemishes everyday. I am tempted to start using it again, maybe just once a week or something, because of all the benefits it claims to have, but I am really nervous that it will make me break out again. As of now, its doesn't have any part in my skin care routine. This product does wonders for some people and I'm not really sure what I had a poor reaction to it! Hope this update was helpful! xoxo

What is is: The Clarisonic Mia 2 is a device that deeply cleanses skin using Sonic technology
Comes with: The Clarisonic Mia 2 in the design of your choice, 2 brushes (a deep pore brush and a gentler brush), a traveling case, a charging device, and a travel sized Philosophy Purity cleansing soap (2 fl oz).

Price: $120.00 from QVC for everything listed above
Owned: Since the end of November

-Completely waterproof (can use in shower)
-Low and high speed setting
-Set timing (I love this feature...The Clarisonic will automatically run for 1 minute after turning it on. It beeps after 25seconds reminding you to change places on your face. For example, I turn on the device and keep it on my forehead until it beeps, I then move to my nose until it beeps again ect.)
-Charger that, as if by magic, magnetically connects to the base of the Clarisonic and begins charging: nothing is inserted anywhere on the device.

I will start by saying that this device cleans my skin better than anything I have ever used before. However, when I first received this product I thought that, because it is supposed to clean your skin SO well and SO thoroughly, I could stop using my other face wash at night and only use the Clarisonic. So I began using my regular face wash (St. Ives blemish and blackhead control)only in the mornings and using only my Clarisonic at night followed by my usual face creams. After about 2 weeks I noticed that my forehead started breaking out a bit more than usual. I had heard that your skin may go through a "purging" phaze so I attributed it to that. However, after another week or two went by my skin still did not reflect the amazing results that this device was supposed to achieve! So, I decided to re-introduce my St. Ives again to my nightly routine and use the Clarisonic after my original face wash. This has made all the difference. My breakouts went away and my skin has been looking good since I made that switch. It is also important to note that I used the "deep pore" brush when I first used the Clarisonic. When I re-introduced my face wash I also switched to the softer, more gentle brush. I think for those just starting with the Clarisonic it might be wise to use the gentler brush so as not to shock the skin. ---
I know this device is cleaning my skin better than my face wash alone because AFTER i wash my face with St. Ives, I will use the Clarisonic and there will be remnants (makeup, dirt ect.) on the brush. This shows that my face wash is not cleaning everything off because the Clarisonic seems to be picking up everything that's left behind! Overall, I have been happy with the results of this brush. It took some trial and error, but I really love how deeply it cleans and the massaging sensation it delivers.

What it does NOT do (at least for me):
-Clear blackheads from your nose: this is one of the main reasons I purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2, so I am bummed that it hasn't done this for me
-Reduce fine lines: I haven't seen a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes or on my forehead
-Eliminate all breakouts forever: Although I have not had any significant breakouts since changing my routine with the Clarisonic, I still get blemishes here and there on almost a weekly basis (though they are not too bad).

What it DOES do:
-Clean your skin extremely well: it really feels like it goes deep into your pores and cleans everything out. Your skin feels refreshed and massaged after using this tool. It is excellent for those that use foundation: this is great for women who wear facial makeup because it cleans deeply into the pores and works to remove all of the makeup so there is nothing left behind to clog pores and cause breakouts.
-Reduce pore size: KIND OF. I have not seen a huge reduction in the pores to either side of my nose, which is usually where they are the largest on people. However, I do feel like the pores on my forehead have shrunk slightly.
-Possibly reduce breakouts: I have never had an overwhelming problem with acne, but it has kept my skin under control since I started to use it

Would I recommend this product?
Yes, I would recommend this product because of the amazing clean feeling it delivers every night after I use it. However, it has not made my skin as perfect and "glowy" as I hoped it would. I wanted skin like the makeup artist Chloe Butcher! It is very pricey so if you are satisfied with your skin regimen as-is, I would forgo purchasing the Clarisonic and put the 100 some dollars towards some great shoes :-)
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  1. I love my Clarisonic. I have been using it for about 3 months and will never go back! If it's not working for you maybe it's the soap? I use the Philosophy purity soap and love it.

    1. Interesting! Yeah, I know some people swear by it, I was using Purity as well! I may actually try it again, maybe I was doing it too often or something. My skin is wicked sensitive so it may have just been too harsh. Thanks for your comment Liz!

  2. Hey! Try Mario Badescu's silver powder for blackheads. It's amazing and the jar will last you a LONG time!

  3. I purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2 after reading all the hype about how it reduces pore size. I have suffered from oily skin and enlarged pores since I was a teenager and still have both issues as a menopausal woman. I can't say I have noticed any reduction in pore size after a couple of months use and when I apply my makeup my pores still look amplified---and too huge (I've read more than once you can't really permanently change pore size anyway---most products just cause temporary reduction in size). The system is way to pricey too I paid $169.00 on the Clarisonic site and that was supposed to be a sale price too. I don't know that I would recommend it(?) It's basically just a good powered cleaning brush that's all.