So, its been a few days and I wanted to give an update on the lasting power of these nails. I think I have come to the conclusion that these nails are best for a one time thing. If you want great looking nails for a special occasion, or just for a day or two without going through the trouble of getting a manicure, these are perfect (wedding, night out, interview ect.)! If you want something that will last a week or so, these are not for you. I wore them to babysitting and by the end of the night I had already lost 2 nails! I did wear them to bed and they stayed on through the night. They are a bit cumbersome because they are quite long(at least for me) but they aren't part of your nail as acrylics would be. So, they make certain things difficult and if you push too hard on the tops they will pop off. Like I said before, these are really best served for short term use. If you want fun nails that will last much longer I would recommend the Sally Hanson stick on nail "tattoos" that you can find at CVS! Hope this helps!! xx

I have been seeing tons of commercials for these Impress stick on nails promot-
ed by Nicole Scherzinger. I finally saw them at CVS and decided to give them a go! They seem to adhere well to the nail and feel pretty secure. However, they are longer than I would normally where my nails so they have the look of acrylic nails more than a natural manicure. Also, I have pretty small nails and it seems as though some don't quite fit my full nail (you'll see in pic) so I am not sure how these would work for someone with larger nails. My thumb nails are longer than the rest of my nails and they are very visible underneath the false nail when viewed from the top or side (also shown in pic). A remedy for this would just to be sure your nails are good and short before using these! I am not sure how long they last, but I will update this post letting you guys know after I have worn them for a bit (how they hold up in the shower, do they last overnight ect.)! The package comes with (from what it looks like) enough nails for 2-3 usages, which is nice! The price for this product is $7.99 at C
VS. I chose the french manicure look but there were quite a few patterned options to choose from. I was
disappointed that there weren't more solid colored ones, but hopefully the selection will bulk up if they are successful. Hope this is helpful and maybe some of you will try these out! Please leave your thoughts and comments!

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