Individual False Lashes

Individual false lashes can be a great way to bulk up your lashes with a bit more of a natural look. You can use the longer ones on the ends and the shorter ones throughout the middle to add volume and length. To use them you simply take a tiny dab of DUO glue and place the false lash at the root of your natural lashes. Just let it sit there for a moment and it will dry and stay for as long as you need! The great thing about DUO is that you only need a tiny amount and it holds the lash on incredibly well. These do take longer than normal strip lashes to apply because you have to do each one individually. You can grab these individual lash packs at any drugstore for a cheap price or you can get nicer ones at MAC or Sephora. I like to get the cheap ones because then you can just toss them out after you wear them :-). If you want to explore with false lashes but haven't mastered the strip ones yet, I would give these a try! Enjoy!

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