No Heat Hair Quest: Conair Foam Curlers

I am on a quest to find a great, fool proof no-heat hairstyle! I typically wash my hair at night and have been going to sleep with it wet in a bun or down. Then, when I have to get up for my internship the next morning I end up just putting it up because I don't want to spend a lot of time straightening it/curling it ect. I really want to find a "no heat" hairstyle that I can do at night, sleep on, and then have it look great the next morning. I have tried a bunch of techniques I have seen other bloggers do such as the sock bun, the headband wrap, braids... My main problem is that these hairstyles fall out during the night or make my hair look way to wild and crazy the next morning (like curls and kinks going all different directions). I saw these Conair Foam Curlers and decided to give them a go! They have a foam center and both ends have wire inside, so you wrap your hair around the center and secure it by pushing the wire ends together. 

-Comfortable to sleep in
-Mostly stayed in my hair throughout the night
-Inexpensive ( about $13.00)
-Looked decent the next day, not fantastic

-Curls had some weird kinks, mainly at the ends 
-Time consuming: it took about 15 minutes or so to put all of these little curlers in
-Each curler doesn't hold much hair, so you need to do small sections of hair at a time

*I blow dried my hair quite a bit before putting in these curlers, if I didn't my hair wouldn't be dry the next day. My hair was still damp in the morning even after blow drying it. 

I will try the all of the no-heat hairstyles I can find so you guys can see how they look before and after and try them yourselves! 

Night Before

Morning After

How I styled it


  1. You are so darn cute, and I'm so impressed by how frequently you update your blog! Also, I think the curls work great! Wonder if they would work as well for shorter hair though...also, I have found that your twisted braid makes nice size waves...wonder if that would work if you slept on it damp?

    1. Thanks Dorothy! I really try to stay up on my posts, plus I really enjoy doing it so it's a win, win! I think these would work better for short hair actually because they are small. I think my hair was almost a little too long for these.

  2. Hey little sis - buy me these :) love, big sis

  3. I use the classic foam rollers at night a lot and I find that they stay in when I wrap over them with a thin silk or cotton scarf and tie it at the top. Sort of like creating a snug shower cap/turban from a scarf. It holds all the rollers in and close to your head. Even when I toss and turn, they stay put!

    1. Thats a really good idea, I will try that for sure next time because mine ALWAYS fall out!