No Heat Hair: Sock Bun

Cut off the toe of a long sock and roll it into a donut shape
On mostly dry hair, put your hair into a very high pony tail
Put the sock donut through the ponytail and leave it at the tip of the ponytail
Roll the sock donut down to your hair while picking up hair evenly so you end up with a bun
*This part is a little tricky and it probably won't look super neat when your done

-Comfortable to sleep on
-Gives hair a lot of body
-Results in a subtle, wearable wave

-Head can feel a little sore the next day from wearing such a tight pony tail all night
-This doesn't seem to provide a lot of actual curl if that's what you are aiming for
-I feel like the best way to style this hair was half up half down, so not a lot of versatility with styling the next day

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