Have you seen the latest "caviar" nails trend? The brand Ciate released a very fun and different nail design kit using tiny glass beads resembling caviar. I am always up for trying new trends, but at $25.00 for the kit, it just wasn't worth the price. So I decided to try a DIY caviar-esque manicure with a much cheaper price tag! All of the products needed for this manicure you will already have except for the beads.

Things you will need: 
-Recollections Microbeads from Michael's Craft Store: $3.99
-Nail color that matches bead color
-Clear Polish

-Top Coat
-Container for the excess beads (I used the top of my Birchbox :-) )

Step 1: Paint nail and coat it with clear polish

Step 2: While clear polish is still wet,
pour microbeads onto your nail; be sure to cover the whole nail!

Step 3: Paint over the beads with a quick drying top coat

Step 4: Pour excess beads back into the container!

Your done! Enjoy :-)

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  1. I really want to try this! looks great!