How I use my makeup brushes: EYES

There are sooo many makeup brushes out there it can be so confusing to figure out which ones to buy and what they are used for! In the past I didn't really buy a lot of makeup brushes because I didn't think I needed them to apply my makeup. However, the more I learn about how to apply makeup, the more I realize how critical brushes are to create the look you want. Brushes can also make doing your makeup so much more enjoyable because you are able to be more precise and get better color payoff than when your using your fingers. The great thing is you don't have to spend a ton of money to get fabulous, high quality brushes. Brands like Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman and Sigma Beauty sell soft, luxurious feeling brushes for extremely reasonable prices. I wanted to do a post highlighting some ways to use my favorite brushes. Hope this helps!
*brush holder came with my Real Techniques (RT) brushes

Starting from the left:
1. RT lash and brow groomer: I use this tool to brush through my eyebrows before setting them with a brow gel. This helps to get all your hairs going to the same way and makes them appear more uniform. I use the opposite side of this tool to comb through my lashes if my mascara is making them clumpy. Combing through your lashes will reduce the "spider lash" effect and make them look more natural.
2. Sephora concealer brush: I use this little brush to apply my Bobbi Brown corrector and creamy concealer. It helps you apply a lot of product to the area and allows you to get right up close to the lower lash line for maximum coverage.
3. MAC 217: Just about every makeup artist probably has at least a few of these in their kit. This brush is spectacular for applying a soft defining color to the crease. Just put a light amount of a matte color on the brush and use a windshield wiper motion through the socket line, you'll be amazed at what it can do for your eye! This brush is also great for blending out harsh edges for a softer effect.
4. RT deluxe crease brush: This is my favorite brush to use for blending. It is a bit stiffer and more compact than the MAC 217 so you can quickly and effectively blend out edges. This brush is also great for blending out your under-eye concealer. You can also use this brush for applying a crease color. 
5. RT shading brush: This brush is amazing for packing on eyeshadow for intense color. It is short and dense and picks up a lot of product so you get the color payoff you want without having to apply multiple coats. I also love using this brush for cream eyeshadow. 
6. RT fine liner brush: This is the brush you need if you want to apply gel eyeliner. It allows you to create a precise line with a lot of control and accuracy. 
7. RT base shadow brush: I use this brush to apply a wash of color to the lid. It doesn't pick up as much product as the shading brush and it is more loose and fluffy, so it works great for creating a subtle base color.
8. MAC 219: This brush is a must when you want to be a bit more precise with your eyeshadow. I use this brush to apply eyeshadow to the upper and lower lashline and also to form the outer corner area when I am doing a smokey eye. It gives you a lot of control and it is really a must for me.
9. Ecotools angled eyeliner brush: This brush is the best tool you can use when you want to get the effect of eyeliner with a powder eyeshadow. The angle on the brush makes it very precise so you can trace color along the upper lash line and flick it out at the end if desired. It defines the eye and creates a softer look than if you were to use a liquid, gel or stick eyeliner. A lot of people also use a brush like this to fill in their eyebrows. 

OK! That was longer than I expected so I am going to do my face brushes in another post. I really hope this was helpful for you guys! Have a fantastic day!xx

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