NOTD: Perfect Pink

I haven't gotten a manicure in so long I thought I might as well treat myself! I absolutely love the way freshly manicured nails look. I don't get manicures often because I can paint my nails pretty well myself so it's hard to justify spending money to get them done. However, getting your cuticles perfectly trimmed and your nails perfectly polished is so nice once and a while. What girl doesn't like getting pampered :-). I don't feel like my manicured polish really lasts any longer than when I do it myself, but it is important for me to get my cuticles done every so often to keep them in check. I am so in love with this pink from Essie, it literally is the perfect pink! I am so annoyed because I can't remember what it is called but I'm almost positive it's Knockout Pout. I am going to try and find it at CVS because I really want to own this polish!


  1. I have always loved this shade. But never ever came across one. Never got that shade. I tried a lot. I had a pink color slightly darker tone than this but that doesn't look too nice..