My current favorite ab exercises

-I am not a physical therapist, personal trainer or fitness expert and I have no formal training in the fitness arena
-I am not in any position to be "instructing" others. I am simply sharing exercises that I like that I find challenging
-I have not invented any of these moves on my own- Some are taken from Jillian Michaels, some are from my good old gymnastics days, and some are moves I have altered in various ways to suit what I want
-I chose to share these with you guys because I personally love learning new exercises that work for different people...maybe one of these will become one of your new favorites too!

Move 1: Side Plank Curl
-Get into a side plank by raising your hips off the ground, supporting your body with the sides of your feet and your elbow
-Put the hand you aren't resting on behind your head and bring that elbow as far down as you can
-Repeat the process as many times as you can in 30 seconds or do 15-20 reps on each side and then repeat
-I feel this in my obliques, legs, shoulders and biceps. This exercise is great because you are working your abs while additionally using various muscles to stabilize yourself.

Move 2: Plank to Push Up
-Get into a plank position, resting on your elbows
-Press yourself up into a push up position and then lower yourself back to plank
-Make sure you keep your abs tight and your butt as low as you can, so you maintain a straight back
-I feel this in my abs, back, legs and arms. Keeping your body straight while using your arm muscles to raise yourself up and down is really tough! I can do about 15-20 of these before I collapse.

Move 3: Modified Bicycle
-Get on your back and put on leg out straight, 2-3 inches from the ground
-Bend the other leg and bring it up to meet the elbow on the opposite side (like in a regular bicycle)
-Instead of switching back and forth, continue with the same leg and arm for as many reps as you'd like and then switch to the other side
-I feel this in my abs and legs. I like it because you are forced to keep your leg off the ground, so that ads some difficulty to the move.

Move 4: Side Plank Arm Curl
-Get back up into a side plank, the same way you did with the first move
-Grab a weight, it doesn't matter how heavy. With light weights like 5lbs I will usually do as many as I can in 30 seconds. With a heavier weight (12.5lbs) I can typically get to 15-20 reps max on each side.
-Bend your arm and move the weight down and up
-This move is great because you are using ab and leg muscles to stabilize, but also working your arm muscles at the same time.

Move 5: V-Sit
-We've been doing V-sits since we were kids, this is the same idea!
-Balance on your butt with your legs bent and your arms out
-Stretch out your legs while simultaneously leaning your torso back, with straightened arms
-Again, we are using a lot of muscles to stabilize and remain balanced in a V position, while doing movements that strengthen abs and legs.

*I know those descriptions weren't great, it's surprisingly hard to describe and exercise move haha! The video definitely comes in handy here :-)
So those are my faves for the moment, but they change often as I discover new moves or get sick of them. Thanks for reading, please tell me if you liked this post- it is definitely different for my blog!! Have a great night! xx

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