*Barely Beige is now added to my collection for the 10,000 view giveaway!! :-)*

The moment I found out about Maybelline's Fall 2012 release of a set of limited edition color tattoos I made it my mission in life to get all of them. I tend to get a little obsessive over certain things and it becomes a pre-occupation until I get whatever the item is. It could be a certain item of clothing, makeup, electronic, food could really be anything. If I want it bad enough I will search and search until I find it, my Dad tells me he is the same way so I guess I know where I got it from. And waiting for this desired item is the enemy because who wants to wait for anything they want!!! haha ;-). After days upon days of searching- I finally achieved victory by finding each of the 4 new colors. I'm not gonna lie, it took visits to multiple different CVS locations on multiple different days- yes it's sick.  Anywaysss, onto the product. I was so enthralled with these colors because they were neutral and wearable- exactly what the core color tattoo collection was lacking. The limited edition colors include a dark green, a dark brown, a deep gold shimmer and....the star of the show...a shimmery beige!!!! The best everyday color you could imagine. Of course, the shimmery beige was the most difficult one to find. It is sold out absolutely everywhere! Due to the popularity of this color I am guessing they will consider making it part of their permanent collection. Somewhat of a disappointment though- I wore Barely Beige to my internship today and it was creasing by lunchtime. Basically this product needs to last from 7am to 2:30pm and it just didn't live up to the task. I could understand if it was really hot and humid in the building today, but it was perfectly ACed the whole day so I wasn't even sweating. Now, mind you, I wasn't wearing a primer, but you really shouldn't have to with these color tattoos. I am still in love with this color and will absolutely be wearing it a lot more, maybe I just put on a little to much? I'm not sure but I will certainly update after I have tried some different ways of wearing it. I haven't worn the other colors yet because I was so excited to make this post I didn't want to wait until I got to experiment with all of them. I think you could live without the green, brown and gold, but if you see the beige shimmer, definitely grab it. Especially if you don't want to spend a lot of time on your makeup in the morning, you can just throw it on with your finger and go! These retail for around $7 a pop, but CVS often has sales and if you use your CVS card you probably have a coupon with Extra Bucks (I save all my coupons and use them all the time!) I have only seen these at CVS's, not Rite Aids, Targets or Walgreens. I have heard through the grapevine that Maybelline has also released a limited edition line of "jewel toned" color tattoos. I am not quite as excited about these as to me they seem quite similar to the colors already in their collection-and they aren't as wearable for everyday. Enjoy the pictures below and please don't hesitate to leave a comment or question about these products, I answer quickly :-)! xx

Left: Rich Mahogany
Top: Gold Shimmer
Bottom: Mossy Green
Right: Barely Beige
From Left: Mossy Green, Gold Shimmer, Barely Beige, Rich Mahogany

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  1. Barely Beige is one of my favorites! Btw, I love your blog!!! <3 :)