NEW Urban Decay Naked Foundation: Review + Application!

This is the first high-end foundation I have tried in quite some time. Drug store foundations have been delivering so well this summer that I really haven't felt the need to test out any more expensive ones! However, this new Urban Decay Naked Foundation has been absolutely everywhere. They are really promoting it and their advertising genius worked on me because I decided to give it a go! As with ALL my high end foundations I take a sample home before I make any purchases. Sometimes I even get two or three samples before I decide whether or not to buy the foundation. For me, I have to be really in love with a foundation to spend $30-40 on it. So far I am very happy with the UD Naked foundation. I was immediately impressed by the level of coverage you can achieve with this product. You need a very small amount and it can completely hide all redness. This foundation feels fairly light on the skin. It is not the most light weight foundation I have ever used, but it is certainly not a serious offender in that category either. With a name like Naked, I sort of assumed a product that would have a natural/shimmery finish. Not to mention the description on the website specifically boasts a "luminous" finish. I was surprised to find out that the UD foundation dries almost completely matte. There is absolutely no shine or shimmer to this foundation. Once applied, it looks quite natural but at the same time very flawless. This foundation has solid staying power and I feel like it keeps shininess/oil to a minimum. Another plus? It comes in a bazillion shades!! (18 to be exact). That kind of range makes it a lot easier to find the right color match for your skin. This foundation is WITHOUT bad things like Parabens and WITH great things like anti-wrinkle peptides, however does not include SPF.  Another down side to this product is that I don't particularly care for the smell. It has a chemically, off-putting scent that just doesn't spark my fancy. Some people absolutely hate floral scented foundations, so if you are one of those you're in luck! I, on the other hand, love a fresh, floral scent. Also, because this foundation isn't shiny and is high coverage...after you've finished applying you make look a little colorless/lifeless. This isn't a problem, it just absolutely requires you to put on blush and/or bronzer to return color to you're face. In terms of other down-sides, obviously it's pricey at $38.00, but that's to be expected from Urban Decay. Other than that I am hard pressed to come up with any other major flaws. I am going to continue using it and continue to evaluate whether or not it is a foundation I NEED in my collection. Has anyone used this foundation?? Hope this was helpful! Have a great day xx

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