Product Review: Maybelline Luminous Lights eyeshadow palette

This is the newest palette out from Maybelline and it caught my eye in the drugstore. I was sucked in by the shimmery light mint color and I thought the other colors looked pretty as well. I have been loving pastel eye color lately so this seemed like a solid buy. I would say I have luke warm feelings about this product. On the one hand, the colors themselves are very pretty and they go nicely together. However, I feel like it's hard to get the full effect of the colors because they are so subtle. It is almost as if they are tinted shimmers instead of eyeshadows. It's possible that this is what Maybelline was going for because the product is called "luminous lights" suggesting a lot of brightness and reflection, which the shadows have. Come to think of it, this product reminds me of a palette I have from Smashbox called Be Discovered. The Smashbox shadows are similar in that they are pastels and very, very subtle on the eyelid. I think the difference is that the Smashbox shadows are more opalescent than shimmery. But, this Maybelline palette may be a nice dupe for the MUCH more pricey Smashbox product. Another thing to note is that the colors are labeled with the area of the eye that the specific color is supposed to go (i.e., base, crease). I never really take too much notice to these predetermined labels but they could be a plus for someone that is just starting with makeup or that just likes the direction. I think if you are going for a very shimmery, very subtle wash of color these are lovely. But if you typically like more pigmented eyeshadows with a little more bang for your buck, this product may not be for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that these shadows can absolutely be used with other eyeshadows that aren't part of this palette. They are fantastic for tear duct highlighting and can also be used over other eyshadows to add shimmer without a ton of additional color. All in all, i'm pleased with this palette. I love the colors and I think the shimmer intensity is great for summer. I think I will get the most use out of it by using the colors in the palette with other more pigmented colors in my collection. Hope this was helpful and have a great night! xx
-Color: Opal Lights
-Price: $6.99

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