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AH! Fall is rapidly approaching. Why is that no matter how old we are it is still so depressing when summer starts winding down? Even though we are mid August, the weather has been super hot here in Boston and I cannot imagine sporting the sweaters, blazers, pants and scarves that are starting to emerge in the magazines. However, fashion trends do not wait for the weather and here they are staring us in the face and reminding us that the dog days of summer are nearing a close. There's always something a little exciting about Fall though, the smell, the crispness in the air and the prospect of a new year. Here are some highlights from the newest addition of Lucky Magazine to get you in the Fall frame of mind :-)

 Bright Blushes for fall
                                                           Colorful lashes
                                                                                   Color shifting lip gloss: Appears clear in the bottle                                        and automatically adjusts to your lips specific pH to create the perfect color, pretty neat!!

 New Fall colors from Essie: Soft yet rich  Neutrals

Pastel hair dye and streaking

 In the fashion world: Lace paired with florals--Gorgeous!

 From Lancome: New 24 hour Foundation. Lancome tends to focus on anti-aging properties and targets an older audience

 Color Trend: Bright, standout red dresses

 Styles for Fall: Dog printed sweaters and cropped flare trousers

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