bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face: Well Rested

My beloved Bobbi Brown under-eye powder has recently bit the dust. It had hit pan and then crumbled. I tried to use it for a little while but it was just too messy because it was coming off in little chunks instead of a fine powder. I wanted to re-purchase the powder but in order to get it you need to buy the concealer-powder duo. I'm not out of the concealer yet so that seemed like a waste.  I had heard of this bareMinerals powder that was supposed to be a really nice under-eye powder so I decided to give that a try instead. I am absolutely in love with this product so far! First of all, it's $18.00 compared to the Bobbi Brown concealer/powder duo which is $33.00. Bobbi Brown is notoriously very pricey, but her products are excellent. $18.00 may still seem like a lot to some, but you need such a tiny amount per use it will last for absolutely ages.

This bareMinerals powder is amazing for a few reasons. One is that, like some powders, this product doesn't settle into fine lines and highlight dry patches. Bareminerals products are also nice because they are very easy on the skin because they are all natural. I have a very sensitive under-eye area so anything too harsh will become and irritant and not work out. This powder gives some light coverage to fill in the places that your concealer missed which helps with covering stubborn dark circles.The very best thing about this about this powder is that it has a subtle shimmer to it. It isn't a glitter or a sparkle, its a natural looking glow. This illumination does an amazing job of brightening up the under-eye area and making you look much more well rested. This aspect was lacking in the Bobbi Brown powder, but with that said, not everyone will like the shimmer. This powder coupled with the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer have been my go-to duo for about a week now and I have been so happy with it! I highly recommend spending the extra bucks on this product if you have darker under-eye circles like myself.  One thing to keep in mind is that when you put this under your eyes it may fall a bit to the area directly to each side of your nose. If it does fall in that area it tends to enhance the pores there and make them look larger. Just make sure to smooth it out with your foundation brush or a makeup sponge! Hope this was helpful and have a great night!! xx

Color: Well Rested (lightest one)


  1. I've used this product for years. It also works well as an eyeshadow primer and skin brightener! Put it on before your eyeshadow to make it last longer or pat in onto dull parts of your skin for instant brightening. I Bare Escentuals Makeup Artist gave me those tips.

    1. Definitely! I Can see it working really well for those purposes! It's a great product