MAC Woodwinked and Mythology

Woodwinked is an absolutely gorgeous metallic brownish gold with hints of yellow. It is very wearable for daytime but can be easily glammed up for night time as well. I think this color is a must in everyone's collection! This color is interesting enough to carry an entire eye makeup look- you can just throw this on your lids and go and it will look perfect! I often wear this all over the lid with brown cream liner just on the upper lash line, and it is a sophisticated but understated daytime look. If you are looking for a great everyday eyeshadow that requires very little effort to look fantastic, this is the one for you!
Woodwinked is a Veluxe Pearl shadow so it has a velvety soft texture with a metallic-shimmer finish.

Mythology is a unique, bold red based copper color with strong glittery flecks. This is more of a stand-out color than Woodwinked and is less understand. But like Woodwinked, it can be worn without any other eyeshadow and still look fabulous. This color is great because it can be worn during any season, but I think it is especially fitting for the Fall. So if you are looking for a fun new color for this season-go check this one out!
Mythology is a Lustre shadow so it is very glittery and frosty and may need a few coats to get a solid, uniform finish.

Top: Woodwinked
Bottom: Mythology

Left: Woodwinked
Right: Mythology

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  1. Wow these colours are soooo gorgeous!! I love it, they are great for fall your right! :)