Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer: Review and Swatches

I am very picky about under eye concealers. I have tried many different concealers, both high end and drug store-and most end up getting kicked to the curb. Sometimes it's because they are drying or irritating, but mostly it's because the coverage isn't good enough, to put it bluntly. I had heard a lot of good things about this Maybelline concealer and actually purchased it quite some time ago in the color Ivory. I wasn't using it all that frequently and I think it's because the color was too light for me, so I would end up having white semi circles under my eyes which is not a good look. I decided to give this concealer another try and I purchased it in the next darkest color, Radiant. Ever since I made this switch, I have been using this concealer almost every day. It does such a fantastic job of brightening up the under eye area without drying or settling into fine lines. The camera didn't pick it up very well, but it is has strong pink tones to it. This pink color really helps to conceal the blue/purples that make themselves so apparent below our eyes. The concealer also has nice staying power. I always set my under eye concealer with my Bobbi Brown powder in Pale Yellow- so I think this increases the longevity of any concealer I'm wearing. My most prized concealer is the Bobbi Brown corrector in Soft Bisque which makes an appearance in almost every single makeup tutorial I have done. But I really like using this Maybelline concealer lately, not only to conserve my (much more expensive) Bobbi Brown corrector, but also because it has just been working really well. During these hot days of September, it's nice to wear a liquid v.s. a cream concealer- it is lighter and more resistant to sweat I think. This retails for  $7.99 but it is currently on sale for $5.99 on! You don't need a lot for each usage, so this product will last you a while- and it is well worth the money in my opinion. I would only suggest to be careful about the color you choose as the colors do run very light. You want something lighter than your skin tone, to get the brightening effect, but not so light that it looks unnatural. The main downside to this product is that the label on the packaging rubs off within a few weeks. I could care less about this issue, it's common among less expensive products, but it may be a pet peeve for some people. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and have a great night! xx


  1. This seems like a really good concealer. Nice post! I'm following you now, please follow me back if you like my blog :)

  2. Wow this looks really good, great post hun! im fussy about my concealers too, but you made this one sound quite nice :D

    1. It's really really awesome!! I would absolutely recommend it