September Birchbox

I haven't done a blog post on a Birchbox in a while so I thought I'd do one! Here is the contents of my September Birchbox:

The first thing towards the far right is a Madewell giftcard for $25 off $75 or more. I am pretty excited about this because there is a Madewell in Boston and I've always thought the close looked really nice!

The next thing in line is a perfume sample from Bvlgari: Mon Jasmine Noir. The description says that this perfume has waves of ripe fruit and a base of heady jasmine-this luxurious scent is the perfect accessory for fall outfits. I think this is a nice scent, but it is a bit too mature smelling for me. It kind of smells like an old lady perfume, but the fruity undertones are really lovely!
Full Size: $47-83

Above the Madewell giftcard is a Sleep Over Kit by WEI to Go beauty that includes a gel cleanser and a moisturizing face tint. The description tells me that the gel cleanser washes away dirt and debris with camellia-oil and the moisturizing tint is skin perfecting. Unfortunately, I rarely ever use the skincare samples that come in my Birchboxes because, as you know, my skin is very sensitive. But this seems like a cute idea!
Full Size: $19

To the right of the Sleep Over Kit is a little "fall lookbook" created from a collaboration between Madewell and Birchbox.  I thought this was a good idea for Birchbox to include. The lookbook outlined hairstyles, nails, makeup and accessory trends that will be popular this fall!

Over top of the lookbook is a Twistband with a Birchbox custom made lace design. I know people absolutely love these hair ties, but they actually don't work in my hair at all! I will probably end up giving this one to my sister!
Full set of 6-12: $14-22

Ok, moving on to the next thing over which is The Brush Guard: Brush Guard Variety Kit. I have never seen this before so when I first saw it I was thoroughly confused. I saw brush guard and I'm like, toothbrush? It wasn't until I read the description that I realized these are protectors for your makeup brushes for traveling. From the directions on the package it also looks like you can use these while your brushes are drying.They are made of tightly woven skinny plastic strands that tighten as you pull the guard apart and loosen as you push it together-it reminds me a lot of a Chinese finger trap actually.  I think this is a neat idea, but I'm not entirely sure how useful they are yet. 
Full Size: $5.50

The white bottle is by Vasanti and it is the Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. The description reads: This exfoliating cleanser uses professional-grade microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten dull skin. This sounds absolutely amazing but in all honestly I probably won't use it! Grr I hate skin care samples!
Full Size: $34

Last but not least is the Color Club Birchbox custom nail polish in the color Put a Pin In It (weird name right?) This is a metallic pinky rose color. It looks very pretty! I actually have a color by OPI that is quite similar but a bit less metallic- I will definitely be trying this one out soon!
Full Size $8

And that's the September Birchbox!! Of course, I prefer makeup samples much more than face care samples, but I think the nail polish and the Madewell gift card are awesome. I have a question though- so many of my Birchbox samples just sit- does anyone have any good ideas of what to do with them? It just seems like such a waste to let them sit there. Leave comments below! Have a great night! xxx

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