Skin Care Re-purchases

When it comes to my skin, if I find something that works- I have to stick to it. I have very sensitive skin and if I change up just one aspect of my routine it almost certainly will react badly. Case in point, that Aveeno Radiant moisturizer that I tried a few weeks ago- total disaster!! I broke out in the worst rash on my cheeks that didn't go away for days (TMI I know ;-) ). I'm not sure why my skin is so sensitive, but it definitely limits how creative I can be with my skin care routine. When I say limits my creativity, I mean I haven't changed my routine since 7th grade, literally. I know it seems insane to still be doing the same things you were doing in high school, but if it ain't broke don't fix it! I have added an eye cream to the mix though, which is a whole 'nother story because my eyes hate almost everything I try and put on them.

My all time favorite facial cleanser that I have used for ages is the St. Ive's Blemish and Blackhead Control exfoliating cleanser. I don't know why I ended up picking it up all those years ago, but I have been buying it as needed every since. This cleanser is very exfoliating and doesn't foam. This may be too harsh for some people because the beads can feel quite rough on the skin, but I like the way it feels- it really feels like it is scrubbing all the dirt out. There is also acne medication in this product as well so it will keep breakouts at bay!

For almost as long as I have been using the St. Ive's, I have been using the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. I was originally attracted to this moisturizer in high school because it works to reduce breakouts. It leaves a cool, tingling feeling after application which makes me feel like its working on those stubborn blemishes. I use this product only at night before bed because it is not moisturizing enough to use in the morning before the day. I used to use this product all year round but my skin has been getting so dry in the winter that past 1-2 years that I have been having to switch to something more restorative. There may be better moisturizers out there, but this one works for me and it agrees with my skin so I keep buying it!

I haven't been using Cetaphil since 7th grade, but I have been re-purchasing it for quite some time now. I had  heard a lot about how effective and gentle this cleanser was and one day I just decided to try it out. It must be gentle because it didn't make my skin react! I really needed a lotion that would deliver more moisture for the winter months. This is the perfect product because it's moisturizing enough to keep your skin hydrated, but it won't clog your pores and it feels light, not heavy. This moisturizer also has SPF which makes it excellent for everyday use!

Last is the Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10. I originally purchased this product because it targets blemishes with Benzoyl Peroxide. I was having a little bit of a breakout problem on my forehead and I was determined to find a solution. Of course, I still breakout, but this gel has helped keep blemishes at bay for the most part. I use it every night only on my forehead. It is very, very drying and your skin will feel tight after using this. This product is absolutely unnecessary for people that don't get breakouts. I only use this on my problem areas as mainly as a preventative measure. It has worked really well for me and I will continue to buy it! It also lasts forever because you use such a teeny amount each time :-).

Hope this was interesting for you guys! What products can you not live without!?

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