JewelMint Mystery Box

For those of you that haven't heard of JewelMint, its a jewelry website run, in part, by Kate Bosworth. You sign up for free, create a profile, and then jewelry pieces are picked for you and placed in your own personal "showroom." You can buy the pieces in your showroom or any of the jewelry from the entire website. Different collections are put together every so often like "pink for october" or "purple haze." These collections usually have specific characteristics in common. There are also picks from Kate and her partner Cher (whoever that is). The rest of the site has various, unique jewelry pieces that usually reflect different trends that are popular at the moment. Oh! I almost forgot, every item is $29.99 unless there is a sale. I really like this website because the jewelry seems less mass produced (even though I'm sure it is) and mainstream-things that aren't exactly on the beaten path.

So recently they were offering a Mystery Box promo. Of course, I was immediately intrigued because I am such a sucker for this type of stuff. Basically, you pay $29.99 for box of jewelry, each piece being a complete surprise, woohoo! Mine came in the mail recently and I thought I'd share it's contents :-)

This is my favorite piece of the things I got. I think a lot of people would think this is completely tacky, but for some reason I love it and think its adorable. I love the chunkiness and the silly pieces of fruit. I wouldn't have purchased this on my own so I was happily surprised to receive it in my box.

 These earrings are o.k. They are very long and have a vintage feel. I definitely would not purchase these on my own, they don't have that special something that I would be drawn to-and I don't really wear super long earrings anymore. But I am going to try and get some use out of them and hopefully they will grow on me!

 I really wasn't a fan of these when I first saw them. But they are growing on me little by little. I think they are something I could get some use out of even though I wouldn't have picked them out on my own. 

Overall, was the mystery box a complete success? Well, no, not completely- but I did get 3 pieces of jewelry for $29.99 and got to feel like it was Christmas for a second before I opened the box :-). 
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. these are great pieces! I love it when you said "Cher whoever that is" LOL :)

    1. Haha, they are fun aren't they?? I love the surprise factor :-) Great blog!