MAC Dark Brown + Quarry

Dark Brown is a Veluxe shadow, so it is highly pigmented with a velvety, smooth consistency. The name pretty much sums up this color, it is simply a deep brown. This is a great color for your crease or for a building up a smokey eye- a solid addition to your collection.

Quarry is a Matte shadow so it should have zero shimmer to it when applied. Interestingly, when looked at closely and in the light, Quarry has a very subtle shimmer to it, but comes out mostly matte. This shadow has very light pigmentation and does not have a lot of color pay off. However, its great for a light crease color. You can slowly build this color up and it won't be super strong right off the bat, so it makes it really easy to achieve a natural look. I use this color a lot for day time looks-check this post here to see how it looks on the eye.
Dark Brown- Quarry

Quarry- Dark Brown

Quarry- Dark Brown

Do you guys have either of these colors in your collection?

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