WEN Haircare: First Impressions

I promised an update on Wen haircare products when I did this post so here it is! After a few days I completely stopped with the WEN system. It was making my hair SO greasy  and I think it was just getting way overly moisturized. Not only that but for the amount you have to use, you would run out of it pretty quickly and that would get expensive quick. I am not really into paying almost $40.00 for my shampoo. Finally, it took so much damn work to wash the conditioner out. Maybe that's part of the reason it was making my hair greasy, because I may not have been getting it all out. But I really don't want to spent 20 minutes just washing product out of my hair. Overall, it just wasn't working for me as an everyday thing. However... I still use the Wen shampoo/conditioner (its one in the same) as a leave in conditioner. I use about a quarter-size amount and work it mainly into my roots and just leave it there. I also still use the styling cream and the waxy styling stick that came with the kit. The styling cream is nice for controlling frizz and reducing dryness. I blow dry my hair pretty much every day in the winter time so I need some additional moisture. The styling stick is fantastic for controlling fly-aways. I brush it over the areas that are crazy looking and the waxy-ness does an awesome job of getting those suckers under control. Too much can leave your hair looking greasy so it's important to use it sparingly. So that's pretty much it. Hope this was helpful!

I have been considering trying out the WEN haircare system for quite some time now, but I never actually took the plunge and bought it until recently. I have to hand it to the creator, Chaz Dean, he did a phenomenal job with advertising because I feel like I am always seeing things about Wen everywhere I look. I was interested in purchasing this because it seems different and innovative- which always draws me in. I have always been a sucker for the latest and greatest.  It claims to be better than your typical shampoo because it doesn't use harsh chemicals that lather up and strip your hair.

So I chose to purchase a starter kit containing a deep conditioning treatment, a styling cream, a texturizing balm, the Wen conditioner/shampoo and a comb (I think it totaled around $30). Well, so far I have had mixed feelings. Maybe I was expecting a miracle because the before and after pictures from "real users" are pretty amazing. The things I like about the conditioner are, for one, it smells really nice. The scent is called Sweet Almond Mint and it has a natural, eucalyptus type scent that is really refreshing. It also, without a doubt, makes your hair feel incredibly silky when you are washing it out. Like your hair literally just transformed into silk, which is a great feeling. And my hair does feel nice and conditioned after it dries.I also really like the styling cream and the texturizing balm (haven't tried the conditioning treatment yet). The styling cream reduces frizz and makes for really healthy feeling hair after a blow-dry. The texturizing balm is AMAZING for fly-aways- the sticky consistency helps tame them (too much of this will definitely leave your hair looking greasy though).

There are some things that have bothered me. First, the directions on the bottle say that you are to put the conditioner on rinsed hair (no shampoo) leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse out. The card that comes with the kit instructs you to put in the conditioner, rinse it out then put more in and leave it for several minutes before rinsing-so you are using it kind of as a shampoo and conditioner separately  I think using it once and then again right after seems a little strange, so I haven't really been doing that. Also, the directions call for  like 15-25 pumps!!! If I did even 10 full pumps of this product I would literally have a baseball sized amount of conditioner in my hand. Not only is this an absurd amount, but you would be buying new conditioner every week. I think it's important to be aware that the creator is trying to sell his product. He can tell you to put in as much as he wants and you will follow it because "hes the expert." There is no way I'm using 20 pumps of product each use, so that's that. Next, I worry about this product for people with super oily hair. Because it is SO conditioning, it makes it difficult to stretch your hair for 2-3 days in between washes. This isn't a huge problem for me because I wash my hair almost everyday anyways. But for those people who go to sleep with clean hair and wake up with oily looking hair, I am not sure this is the best option. My hair has become dryer in recent years so I have really focused on conditioning to keep its healthy look and shine. But for those of you whose hair already looks healthy and shiny and/or is prone to oil, I'm just not sure how Wen would work. I am also conflicted because I get similar results that I get with Wen with my Ahava hair oil. When I apply this hair oil (that I actually got in my Birchbox) prior to blowdrying it makes my hair so silky feeling- similar to what Wen does. So I'm trying to figure out if Wen is really this miracle worker that it is claimed to be. Lastly, the ads claim that Wen will give your hair much more body and life- I haven't seen this at all. My hair doesn't seem to be any more or less voluminous.

Its important to keep in mind that I have JUST started using this and I may have a completely different opinion after a few weeks. These are just my initial thoughts :-). I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has tried this!!!

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