Gift ideas for boyfriends/husbands

Guys are notoriously hard to shop for. Unless he specifically tells you what he wants, it can be a losing battle trying to pick something out that he'll like. Here are some gift ideas for those hard to shop for boyfriends and husbands. Some are very generic and others are a bit more creative! I'm not going to lie, I had to rack my brain a bit to come up with these. But I will certainly add to these as I think of more!

A baseball cap.
A generic one like the one above or one representing his favorite sports team

A sporting good of some kind based on his favorite activity or sport.
My boyfriend loves golf so I am getting him a golf club for X-mas this year

I actually saw this one on Groupon: An introductory helicopter flying lesson!
This is great for guys that are into planes/helicopters, flying, mechanical stuff ect!
Click here for more info!

A night or weekend in a local hotel.
Staying in a hotel for a night or two can be so much fun for couples. Even if its
in your own town, it can still make for a special occasion!

Get this- you can actually set it up so your man can drive a crazy, luxury car
around a track. This would be an awesome experience for exotic car lovers!
Click here for more info!

Does your sig. other love cooking or is super into health? A year-long subscription to a magazine
like Food or Men's Health is a thoughtful gift that your guy will enjoy for months!

A guy can never resist a cozy and rugged pullover- perfect for winter months!
The one above is Patagonia. 

For the daredevil. Has your boyfriend/husband been blabbing about wanting a crazy
experience or adventure? Maybe he has always talked about sky-diving but never took the plunge,
Pre-pay for a sky-diving session and give him the thrill hes been craving!

Slippers can be a man's best friend. My boyfriend couldn't live without his
Ugg slippers. A cozy, high quality pair of slippers that will last may be that
gift your guy never knew he wanted, but will love once he has them.

Is your man into tattoos? Maybe he has been dying to get a certain tattoo
but hasn't had the extra money or the time. Go to his favorite tattoo parlor and
pick him up a gift certificate to put towards his next/first tattoo!

Duh! Game tickets! Every guy's dream right?
Pick his favorite team and grab him some tix. It can be a fun outing for the two of you.

A weekend away is a great gift for a guy that loves to get out of town.
This can get pricey, but if you have the extra cash this gift can be wonderful for
both of you! Time to relax and re-kindle the romance.
A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant is always a great go-to gift.
Take him out and order a bottle of wine or champagne to make it festive!

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