Christmas Chrazy Nails!

It's ok to go a little crazy with your festiveness this time of year! I know this is over the top but I love it! 
Candy Cane: Simply use a nail dotting tool to create red dots, spaced apart. Once the red has dried a bit fill in the spaces with white dots. You can get a set of 4-5 double ended nail dotting tools for less than $3 on Amazon.

Snow: Use the nail dotting tool to create a bunch of white dots at the tip of your nail, space them out more as you go down your nail.

Santa Hat: I used the nail dotting took to dot along the tip of my nail with a red nail polish. I then used a sweeping motion to pull some of the polish down into a curve. Use the dotting tool to create the white parts of the hat.

Christmas Ornament: I used a hole puncher to punch a hole in a piece of tape. I think placed the tape over my nail and painted over the circle. Use a silver or gold color to make the hook part. Mine didn't turn out as a hook but close enough :-). Use a tiny bit of white nail polish to create the look of shine.

See how to do the Christmas tree design HERE!

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