My favorite makeup removing wipes!

I find makeup wipes to be really quick and convenient and I use them all the time. I usually use them to take off as much makeup as I can before washing my face. It's easier to grab one of these wipes than to soak a cotton ball or whatever with makeup remover. It probably only saves about 2 seconds but that's enough for me! I have tried a few different brands (Neutrogena, Garnier, CVS Brand) and I think I've found a favorite, the Simple brand cleansing facial wipes. I find that a lot of these types of wipes can be really irritating on my skin, especially the Neutrogena ones and especially around the eye area. The Simple brand wipes are the least irritating and have a little bit of roughness so you feel like your exfoliating while removing your makeup. I have purchased these a few times and I'm generally pretty happy with them! Do you have a favorite brand?

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