Anastasia Pro Wax Kit Review

Before moving to Boston I religiously got my eyebrows waxed with my long time hair stylist. I could go and depend on her to get my eyebrows in tip top shape every time. After I moved I went to a few different places searching for someone that could replace her. It seemed like each place I tried was worse than the last, even the "spa" places! One time I left with about an inch off the end of my eyebrow! I just wasn't getting the kind of results I wanted so I decided to switch completely to tweezing myself. Many people have suggested threading, but there is no way I could sit through it. I am sooo sensitive even to waxing that I think threading would be complete torture. Tweezing had been working o.k. for underneath but I have a really hard time with the center "uni-brow" area. The hairs are so fine in that area that is hard to see them well enough to get a clean tweeze. So I decided to try a Sally Hansen home wax kit. I didn't love this kit because it came with the type of wax that hardens and then you pull the actual wax off, no strips, which isn't my favorite. It helped with the uni-brow but I only used it once or twice before abandoning it.

I have been eyeing the Anastasia Pro Wax Kit for a while and finally decided to give it a go. Anastasia is widely known to be a famous eye brow artist to the stars so I thought this may be a safe bet! Well, I have very mixed feelings about this kit. One great thing is that the directions are very simple and easy to follow. Just heat the wax, apply the muslin strip and pull off. The wax is a creamy solution v.s. a clear type of wax, which I also liked- it felt more luxurious. The fact that it came with strips and wasn't the hardening, pull-off wax was a huge plus as well. A major downfall of this kit was that it was extremely messy. I felt like I had wax all over me by the end and felt so sticky. It also does not come with a wax remover or soothing cream like the Sally Hansen kit does. So you are kind of left with all this leftover wax on your face and no way to get it off- I had to resort to olive oil!! The wax "stretches" when you bring it out of the tub, so you have these strings of wax attaching to your eyelashes, hair and just about everything else! I also had little pieces of the muslin everywhere! During this whole escapade my boyfriend was just chilling on the couch watching football, not even blinking an eye. He must be used to the antics of a beauty blogger by this point hahah! Anyways, besides all the mess, the wax gets decent results. I had to take two passes at each eyebrow to get most of the hair, and then go in with tweezers after for the stragglers. It worked fantastically for the uni-brow though, one pass and everything was gone pretty much. I had high hopes for this kit but in the end it is only slightly better than the Sally Hansen one, and probably not worth it. I will probably use it again because I have it and it works great for the middle brow area, but it hasn't become the waxing solution I had expected. Has anyone tried this kit or any other type of kit that has worked well?

A recap
-Easy directions
-Reasonably priced ($15)
-High quality wax
-Use of strips instead of hardening wax
-Decent results

-Messy, wax everywhere!
-No soothing or wax removing solution included
-Had to take 2 passes to get decent results

After 2 passes 

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