Quick Post: Foundation Creasing

If you put your foundation on before your eye makeup, you make have noticed that you are left with creases in your foundation in the forehead area after your eye makeup is done. Most of us lift up our eyebrows while we are applying eye makeup which causes the forehead to crease and the foundation to settle into those little lines. Although its not a huge deal, you can just smooth the foundation out afterwards, it is always something that has really bothered me. One solution to this is: instead of raising your eyebrows while you apply makeup, jut your chin forward and look downward into the mirror. This will still expose your whole eye lid, but you won't be scrunching up your forehead to do so. Enjoy a line-free forehead!

Photo credit: http://www.prevention.com/your-beauty/5-ways-smooth-out-forehead-lines

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