10 Blog Facts Tag!

1. How old is your blog?
       My blog turned 1 year old on January 21st, 2013! {My first post ever}

2. What kind of camera do you use?
       I currently use a Canon Powershot G12. Before that I used a Sony Cybershot.

3. What photo editing system do you use?
       I currently use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (I believe this one is pretty dated). I got it from my boyfriend who had it one of his old computers over the holidays, there is still so much to learn but I'm finally catching on and I love it!

4. What do you use to light your videos?
      I'm not sure the exact brand because my Dad sent them to  me as a gift but they look like this.

5. What do you do when your not blogging?
      I intern full time as a School Psychologist and go to class once every two weeks in the evening, I am in my final year of a 3 year program at Northeastern University in Boston.

6. What inspired you to start a blog?
      I started my blog about 6 months after I began watching beauty videos on Youtube. I have always loved makeup, hair and all things beauty but it was totally on the back burner at that point in my life. Seeing the youtube videos kind of re-triggered my fascination and obsession with the cosmetics world and for months I watched these videos and read books on makeup and learned a lot. It sounds pretty weird actually but it just became a really fun hobby of mine and so different from classes and the career I'm pursuing  It was a great distraction and creative outlet. Some people paint, make music, draw, I blog about eyeshadow haha!  Plus anyone that knows me will tell you I like to try out every new makeup gimmick that comes out so if I'm buying it anyways might as well share my experience! All I can say is it has been SO fun for me and it is something I look forward to doing everyday and there is something to be said for that :-).

9. How many views has your blog gotten to date?
     26, 551 (thank you!)

10. What is your goal/future blog plans?
     My goal is to, first and foremost, continue blogging for as long as I can and as long as it is enjoyable and for people to continue reading. I want to keep improving it in terms of layout, picture quality and content, so any suggestions are welcome! I would love to grow my viewer base and have more people stop by! I would also love to upgrade my equipment someday and get more advanced lighting and maybe a background of some sort to take pictures or film in front of (a studio of sorts...in my dreams ha!). But for now, my goal is to just continue doing what I'm doing and learning and growing along the way!

Bonus question* Who made your blog template?
I use Blogger (I think its via Google) and my template was made by JackiesDesignStudio1 on Etsy.com

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