3 ways to add moisture to your makeup

With the weather continuing on a very cold trend, many of our faces are probably feeling the effects, I know mine is! We go from doing everything we can to control the shine in the summer to struggling to maintain and kind of moisture in the winter, it seems like a loosing battle! But, there are ways to kick up the moisture during these winter months and prevent your makeup from looking quite so cakey and dried out!

1. Beauty Blender
Beauty Blenders are a must have in your makeup kit. To reduce cakeyness and increase the moisture and naturalness of your makeup, wet the beauty blender completely and then squeeze all the water out. Use the damp sponge and press the larger end into your skin with a blotting motion. This will help to blend your foundation into your skin and reduce that dry, flaky look.
2. Moisturizer
Most of the time we apply our moisturizer straight out of the shower or right after washing our face, but doubling up your application is a great way to keep your skin looking glowy and fresh. Use a face lotion that isn't greasy or too thick, the moisturizer I recently reviewed is perfect (Philosophy Hope In a Jar is also really nice), and apply it directly before your foundation. This will allow the foundation to glide on smoothly and not cling to those stubborn dry patches. Your face may be a bit more prone to shininess with this method, but for those of your struggling with a lot of dryness this is a great option.
3. Dew Me
One of my favorite products for the cold months is a moisturizing makeup spray by Urban Decay called Dew Me. This works the same way as a setting spray in that you just spray it before and after makeup application, or just afterwards. It helps take away that dull, dry effect caused by these drawn our winter months with little sun, but you don't look shiny at all. Its a very light mist that just helps to moisten up the look of your skin.

I hope this was helpful! Do you have any tips for brutal winter months?! Xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I just got myself a beauty blender & gonna try it out. Guess what I followed your tag & featured you on my blog. Check it out Chica! :)

    Rena @ www.revampspunkyrena.com

    1. That's awesome!! You will love the Beauty Blender, its a great thing to have. Thanks so much for sharing my blog!! :-) Xoxo

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