My NARS lip products

NARS is a company that is really well known for their lipsticks and lip glosses. They are similar to MAC in that they have a wide range of colors and they are high quality, highly pigmented and moisturizing. The original lipstick range doesn't boast long-wear or anything, but they have a wide and creative selection of colors to choose from! The great thing about higher quality lipsticks for me is that they tend to show up more on the lips than drug store brands do. I have highly pigmented lips so its extremely hard to find a light colored lip color that shows up on my lips. All my NARS lip products, even the lipglosses, show up amazingly without having to load on layer after layer! They also don't dry out your lips and highlight dry patches, which is definite plus! The major downside is that these lipsticks and glosses will come off on your coffee cup or waterbottle and you will likely need to re-apply several times if you want all day or all night wear. They are also pricey at around $25, but they will last for a longg time! Here is my collection!:

Peachy pink

Turkish Delight (gloss)
Light, opaque baby pink

Orgasm (gloss)
Peachy pink with a lot of gold glitter in

Roman Holiday
Blue toned bright pink 

Light raspberry

Do you have any NARS lip products or a favorite out of my colors??

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