Sally Hansen French Mani Nail Polish Strips: Review

Overall Rating: A-

Sally Hansen's nail polish strips have been out for a while and I never became a huge fan of them. I think they're a fun concept but I prefer the look of real polish to the strips. When I saw the french manicure nail strips I was intrigued. French manicures are SO hard to do on your own, and its such a classic look, so I thought this would be a really great option!

My very first impression was super disappointing  After the Essie Snakeskin nailpolish I couldn't believe I was having another major nail polish failure! The french tip sticker wasn't sticky-at all. I was so confused so I re-read the directions and saw that it stressed to start with nails that have been cleaned with nail polish remover. Even though I was fresh out of the shower and my nails were pretty clean and dry, I decided to use the nail polish remover anyways. This did help, and the french tip stickers stuck enough after that so that they were work-able. The stickers are tricky, they are difficult to position the right way so that they're all even and uniform. As you can see from the pictures, mine aren't uniform at all. The kit also comes with a clear "top coat" sticker. I thought that it just came with the tip sticker so I was happily surprised that no actual nail polish was required. The clear sticker was easier to work with and to position and actually looks like a clear top coat when its set in place. Once its all on, it looks decent. A closer look reveals tons of inconsistencies in the white tips, some thick, some thin, some off center ect. But from afar, its actually a great option with no dry- time! This could be really handy if you have an event, such as a wedding, coming up and you don't want to risk paying for a french manicure that is going to chip in a few days.

Overall, I think there is a learning curve here, and with some practice I really believe these are a great alternative to paying for a french mani that only lasts a few days. I don't know the lasting power on these yet, but I will definitely update this post once I've had these on for a while. The white tip strips aren't the easiest to work with, but they are manageable with some fiddling. Bottom line- I would recommend these!

-No dry time
-Pretty good result-specially from afar
-(hoping for) less chipping and longer wear
-Most likely easier than trying to do a french mani with white polish

-French tip stickers aren't super sticky and can be difficult to position correctly
-Looks a little wonky when analyzed up close (I hate the word wonky but damnit sometimes its just the perfect word!)
-Lots of trash leftover! Little wrappers from the stickers everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed! xoxo

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