3 Products for a Natural Bronze

As winter drags on...and on...and on, our skin gets paler and paler. Although that summer glow has faded long ago, I feel like those sunny days in fall can help maintain somewhat rosy looking skin long after summer ends. Once those last few warm days have gone, winter starts taking its toll and, I don't know about yours, but my skin starts to look very dull. When you want to bronze up your skin, your first instinct may to be to go for the bronzer. However, too much bronzer can result in seriously orange or muddy looking skin and that just is not attractive! Below are three products that can help you get a much more natural bronze that shouldn't result in a "tan mom" disaster!

Jouer Sheer Bronzing Tint
This product has a consistency like a tinted moisturizer. It goes on quite sheer at first but can be built up if you layer it. However, even with one application you will see a difference in the color of your skin. It is meant to create a very natural, skin-kissed look on any skin tone, even those that are very pale. This product also contains vitamins to improve the look and feel of your skin. Just make sure to blend will and take it onto your ears, neck and decolletage so it looks as natural as possible!

Stila One Step Bronze
Stila has a few of these "one step" products that are meant to serve multiple purposes with just one formula. This one includes three different shades of bronzer that blend together to create a color that would suite any skin tone. Much like the Jouer bronzer, this one works to create a natural tan without that orangey effect. It will also illuminate your skin for a mid-summer glow. This product contains a mineral complex that will improve your skin from the inside out!
Comodynes Self-Tanning
This product is slightly different than the other two because it applies the color using individual towelettes instead of via a cream. There is an "intensive" and a "natural" version based on how heavy of a tan you want to achieve. This can be used on the face and over the entire body, so its nice that it is a "one stop shop" product that ensures the same shade of tan over your whole body. Like the other two, it creates a very natural looking bronze and on top of that, contains a formula that claims to adapt to your specific skin, creating the perfect color. 

These products can be super useful during the winter months when our skin is especially pale and bronzer just isn't cutting it. I hope this was helpful! xoxo

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