MAC Archie's Girls: Betty

MAC comes out with some fantastic images to represent their every changing makeup campaigns. Betty from the Archie's girl's collection looked like such a fun look to try and replicate!

Step 1: Apply a light colored foundation and concealer 
to try and achieve that porcelain skin look

Step 2: Apply a white cream shadow and then a white-ish powder
shadow over top to create a nice, clean base. I also put some
concealer over my eyebrows to try and lighten them a bit,

Step 2: In the image it looked like the model had some orangey-brown
eyeshadow under her lashline and a little on outer corner of the lid. I
added this by blending and orange eyeshadow and a bronzer to create a color
I thought looked close!

Step 3: Line the upper lashline with a gel liner

Step 4: This one looks super weird! But I promise it does look
much better when you have mascara and lashes on. I took a felt tip 
liquid liner and drew "lashes" along the lower lashline and some more dramatic
ones on the corner to try and replicate the picture. 

Step 5: Lots of mascara on the upper and lower lashes
and a set of half lashes just on the outside of the lash!

Step 6: Lots O' bright pink blush!

Step 7: Add a lot of highlighter to the tops of the cheek
bones and of course, add the freckers! I used a brown felt tipped liquid
liner to create these lovely freckles. I happen to think freckles are gorgeous, one of the
reasons I chose this look!

Step 8: For the lips, add some super bright lipstick and gloss.

And your done! I could NOT master this hairstyle so I used the 
hair from the image, haha!

What I Used
For the face I used a foundation that is a bit too light for me:
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Porcelain Ivory.
I also used Covergirl + Olay concealer for a lot of under-eye coverage.
I also used my Real Techniques angled foundation brush.

I used my NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk (obviously) and then
the lightest shade in this Limited Edition MAC palette for the light eyeshadow
base. I also used my MAC 217 to blend it all together.

For the orangey-brown eyeshadow underneath the eye
I used my Smashbox matte bronzer and the orange eyeshadow in the same
MAC palette. I used my MAC 219 to apply the shadow. 

For the fake lashes and the liner I used my Bobbi Brown
gel eyeliner in Black Ink and my Covergirl liquid liner.

I used my L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara and these MAC #20 lashes

I used my Benefit Watts Up! for a highlighter, my Covergirl liquid liner in Brown
for the freckles, and my Tarte blush in Dollface. I used my RT and Ecotools brushes to apply!

Finally, for the lips I used this Sephora gloss in Pin Up Pink and Wet and Wild's lipstick
in Pinkerbell.

Did you guys buy anything from this collection!? 

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