Maybelline The Vivids Lipstick Review

A newer release from Maybelline, these Vivid lipsticks are different than anything I have seen recently in the drug store. The website describes them as having brighter color payoff because of "exclusively vivid pigments." They also contain honey nectar for added moisture. I was actually in target looking for a lipstick for Valentine's day makeup, and I spotted this display. I had seen it before and passed it by many times because it just didn't interest me all that much. However, upon a closer look I was drawn to the Wild Rose color so I decided to give it a go. I was SO happy with this color when I got it home. The last lipstick color I liked this much was my dark plum colored lipstick from Mac that I wore a bunch during fall and the beginning of winter. The Wild Rose color is a bright, yet saturated pink that is eye-catching but surprisingly wearable. I wore it out as soon as I had the chance and I did not feel overly conspicuous or self-conscious. I do recommend a slightly more down-played eye just to avoid the hooker look, unless that's what your going for of course ;-). I would describe the formula of this lipstick to be fairly typical, nothing extremely good or bad. It is quite moisturizing, but it doesn't dry to an ultra glossy or shiny finish. It doesn't dry to a matte finish either, it's kind of in between. I like it because it doesn't cling to dry patches like some of the matte lipsticks do, but it doesn't have that tacky frosty finish either. Because I liked the first color I chose so much, I grabbed another one next time I was at the store. This seems to be my habit. Instead of just enjoying the one product and color for what it is, I want to try and replicate that satisfaction again and again! Normally, as was the case this time, it didn't exactly pan out. The second color I got is called Shocking Coral. This color turned out to be more red than I would like. Actually, the entire Vivids collection seems to be a bit dominated by reds and oranges, and doesn't really have many pinks. I think this is surprising because a bright pink would probably be a quick sell. I probably won't get nearly as much use out of the Coral color as I will the original Rose color, but I am willing to give it a shot. Overall, if you are into a bold lip right now or are looking for a fun new color for Spring, I would definitely give this collection a go. Remember, save your receipt and you can return it if you don't like it! Almost all drug stores abide by that policy now and it has really saved me from accumulating makeup I won't use. Or, let me re-phrase, accumulate MORE makeup I don't use. ha ha ;-). Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you guys purchased anything from The Vivids?

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Shocking Coral
This color looks much darker in person! It like glowed in this picture,
maybe it was the lighting but it isn't nearly this bright in my opinion.

Shocking Color

Wild Rose on top, Shocking Coral below
Another note, Shocking Coral looks more pink in person, and less orange as this picture shows.
I find lipsticks difficult to photograph sometimes. Certain colors just don't come out right.
If anyone has any tips on how to get more accurate color in photos let me know!


  1. Pink Pop from the Vivids is my favorite lipstick right now!!!


  2. You should upload a picture of it to your blog, I'd love to see the color! :-)