Some quick makeup questions answered

My sister had some questions about my recent makeup post so I figured some other people might have the same questions!

1. Explain face highlighting, do you need to blend it?
        For highlighting the face (tops of cheek bones ect.) I will use a powder or a cream based highlighter. If it is a powder highlighter, you can use a brush to sweep it over parts of your face that you want to attract light to, you shouldn't really need to blend beyond that. If it's a cream, just blend it in with your finger until you can't see any "edges."

2. Why did you use two different concealers, which one do you use first?
       Lately I have been liking using a concealer for hiding blemishes and a concealer for highlighting dark areas. In my most recent makeup post, I used the Covergirl and Olay concealer all over the under-eye area to cover up darkness. I think used the Maybelline concealer to highlight just wear the circles are darkest. So I used the Olay concealer first and then the Maybelline on top.

3. What prompted you to buy gold eyeliner?
      A lot of time I find myself seeking out and buying certain products for a specific makeup look that I have in mind. Sometimes these products get used once and then go to the back of the drawer until I re-discover them. I am pretty sure the Stila gold liner I used in the Spring makeup was sold on Hautelook and I just thought it was a good deal...I can't remember exactly but I'm sure I had reasoning at the time ;-).

4. How did you know the blush would work on you before you bought, same with lipstick?
     A lot of trial and error. I have bought certain colored blushes in the past and realized I didn't like how they look on me as much as others. Typically, I think pinks look better on me than corals, and I figured that out just by trying both. Same goes with lipstick, I have figured out pink lipsticks with blue undertones don't look very good on me, you will begin to see the different undertones in lipstick after a while. Before you can tell with the naked eye, you can usually find out online. Other than that it is still trial and error for me. There are a lot of things I buy that I don't love on me, sometimes I keep them sometimes I return them. It's really hard because, especially in the drug store, you don't really know how something will look on you until you get it home and also see it in natural light. Just remember to keep your receipts so you can return colors that you don't love, then it can be guilt free trial and error because you aren't just hoarding all the makeup rejects.

5. Did you use the blue eyeshadow on the inner eye or something else? (Reference the Spring makeup)
     I used MAC Nylon for the inner eye and a different blue shade for the lid, I made it more specific in the actual post :-). Check out my post for MAC Nylon here!

Hope this helped! I LOVE getting these types of questions, they actually make my day! Sometimes friends will text me with beauty related questions and I just love it, keep them coming!! Xoxo

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