The best browbone/inner eye highlight

MAC's eyeshadow in Nylon must be one of their best sellers because it is the perfect shade for highlighting your tear duct area and underneath your eyebrow. It adds just the right amount of shimmer without being too over the top. It is a frost, so it has fine, but strong shimmer that gives a very shiny effect almost metallic effect. I typically don't go for frost eyeshadows but I have seen Nylon used and I always love the way it looks for bringing just the right amount of light to the eye area. Nylon also has a gold, yellowy tone to it which makes the highlight warm, instead of harsh and trashy looking. A small amount of of this in the tear duct, under the brow and even a little bit just in the center of the lid can make you look more awake and glowy. I am a huge fan of this technique because I really feel like it makes me look less tired, which I need desperately because I am always looking drained these days! Any little thing I can do to look less exhausted is high on my list! I chose to pick up Nylon because I feel like I don't have one eyeshadow that I go to consistently for highlighting, and I wanted one that I can just use without thinking. This should work wonderfully on any skin tone and is a great basic to have in your collection. Do you have any go-to highlighter eyeshadows?? Hope this was helpful and have a great night! xx

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