Sweet + Simple Prom Makeup!

With formals season approaching young ladies everywhere are thinking about what they are going to wear and how they will do their hair and makeup. Will you get it done, will you do it yourself, or will you go au naturale and makeup free? Will you coordinate your makeup with your dress and will you wear your hair up or down? Heads are spinning right now with all of the options that come along with this exciting and *expensive* season. In an effort to save you or your parents some $$, try this quick and easy pink and purple makeup! I love this combination of colors because they will compliment any eye color and will work with just about any dress! Follow these easy step-by-step directions and you will have one "to-do" checked off your Prom list!

For foundation, the last thing you want is a cakey face. You want to look
fresh and glowing. Try using a small amount of foundation and a moist Beauty Blender, this will keep it very natural looking while evening out your skin-tone. It will not cover all blemishes, so you may have to go in with a separate concealer for those!
For under-eye concealer use something light and light-reflecting with good coverage.
Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation and Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

Step 1: Apply a light pink eyeshadow all over the lid
L'Oreal Infallible in Strawberry Blonde
*Before you start, prime your eye and apply a cream shadow base to ensure
that your shadow will last! I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk

Step 2: Take a fluffy blending brush and sweep a purple shadow through your crease-
it doesn't have to be super neat!
MAC Banafsaji

Step 3: Apply some of the same purple eyeshadow to the outer 2/3rds of the lower lash-line

Step 4: Take a glittery purple liquid liner and line your upper lash-line with a small wing
Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Retrograde

Step 5: Apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow to the tear duct
MAC Nylon

Step 6: Apply mascara generously to the top and bottom lashes
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

Step 7: Apply a peach-toned blush to the apples of the cheeks and work it back to the hair-line. 
Apply highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones and a mattifying powder through the t-zone.
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin, Physicians Formula highlighter, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Step 8: In highschool, I certaintly wasn't a lipstick wearer, so a neutral lip is a great option for
formals and will go with any combination of eye shadow you choose. 
Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Private Viewing with L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Come To My Window overtop

Done!! This makeup is quite understated and very easy to do!
I hope you enjoyed! Xoxo

What I Used

NEW! Duo-Chrome Maybelline Color Tattoos Spring 2013 Review + Swatches!

The last few Maybelline Color Tattoo collections that have been released haven't done much for me and I really haven't had much interest in purchasing them. But the most recent release definitely caught my eye. Duo-chrome seems to be a big trend in makeup this year and Maybelline followed suit with their Color Tattoos for Spring 2013. Each one that I picked up has the duo-chrome quality, in that each color contains sub-colors and these colors reflect differently depending on the light. This is a very beautiful and interesting collection and I think Maybelline hit the nail on the head with colors that will attract buyers this time of year.

Seashore Frosts: Periwinkle with gold and pink glitter

Sandy Shores: Orangey-yellow with light green undertones

Cool Crush: Metallic blue with purple undertones

Icy Mint: Light mint with blue undertones.

The Pros:
I love how unique these colors are and the duo-chrome is a huge selling point. I really haven't seen cream eyeshadows, drug store or high end, release colors quite like these. They are fun and different for Spring and Summer and nice options to have in your makeup collection. When these are dry, they will last for hours on your lids without too much creasing and are great as a base for eyeshadow or on their own.

The Cons:
I have to say, the cons out-weigh the pros for these. First off, as much as I love the colors, they all have cool, blue or green undertones, which don't compliment my skin as much as colors with warmer undertones do. This makes them less versatile and wearable for me personally. They are also very sheer, much more sheer than other colors that have been released by Maybelline. They act mainly as a wash of color over the lid, not as the statement or focus color you would expect. To build the color, your best bet is to apply a layer, wait for it to dry and then apply another one and so-on. Even then the color is still quite sheer. Although they last for several hours once dry, I felt them on my lids, like a very subtle stickiness or friction when I opened and closed my eyes. This isn't a make or break thing for me, but might be quite annoying to some, especially if you aren't used to wearing makeup. Lastly, one thing I have noticed with these Color Tattoos verses similar products by brands like Makeup Forever is that if they sit for a few months without use they dry up. My Makeup Forever Aqua Creams never dry up, no matter how long I wait between uses. Given the price difference this isn't that surprising, but it is something to consider before you purchase.

So, purchase or pass?
I am honestly kind of torn. I am glad I have them and I wouldn't return them, but I was pretty disappointed with the lack of color payoff. I would suggest buying maybe one color and going with that, I am not sure they are all worth purchasing.

Hope you enjoyed this review! Don't forget to "like" Beauty Banter's facebook page! XoX

DIY Spanx- Stop inner-thigh rubbage!

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and that means the dresses and skirts come out in full force and the tights go back into the Winter drawer! Unfortunately  with the tights nestled away until Fall, the inner thighs are exposed and ripe for rubbing. Unless you are one of those blessed individuals, or 12 years old, your thighs more than likely rub together when you walk. I find little more uncomfortable than the feeling of rubbing thighs, so I thought of a way to keep it at bay. Enter-DIY spanx! The easy and insanely cheap way to keep your thighs looking slim and trim while keeping them from that pesky rubbing.

You will need:
-A pair of tights you don't wear anymore
        Try and use a quality pair of tights that you find comfortable.
-A pair of scissors

You are best off using a pair of nude tights so that you can wear them under any dress or skirt,
but I only had these blue ones at the moment.

Step 1:
Cut off the lower half of one leg of the tights. Then, put the tights on and see where the cut half hits you. Depending on where it lands, decide whether to leave it where it is or cut it more. If you need to cut it more, make a mark where you think you should cut and then take the tights back off. 

Step 2: 
Depending on where the initial cut fell, decide how much more to cut off and chop chop! TIP: Leave at least an inch and a half- two inches beyond where you think you should cut. The tights will roll up when you start walking around and you don't want to feel like you have to keep pulling them down!

Step 3:
Cut the other leg of the tights to match the first and your done!!

When the "Spanx" are completed, put them on under any dress or skirt you want! This will completely stop the feeling of sticky, rubbing thighs!! Enjoy! XOX

GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Mask Review

This product has been on everyone's radar lately. It has been raved about by celebrities and is being advertised in magazines and on websites everywhere you look! It is also one of Sephora's all time best selling products! This mask claims to shrinks the look of pores, "vacuum" out blackheads, maks skin more smooth, soft and radiant and reduce breakouts. It seems like a miracle product?! The Glamglow website states that this mask is the most scientifically advanced clearing treatment out there and will get you "magical glowing skin." Well, naturally I HAD to try this. I saw somewhere that someone was able to get a sample of it at Sephora. I would never have thought to ask for a sample, so I was pleased to see that this was an option. This past weekend, I made my way to Sephora to grab myself a sample. The sales associate gave me a generous amount and I left excited and curious to try this "miracle" treatment.

I put this on about 25 minutes before I knew I wanted to take a shower. It tells you to apply it to clean skin, so I rinsed my face a few times, just with water and patted it try. The mask is not super thick, but not runny either, and has little flakes in it that resemble dried leaves. The first time I did the mask I applied a light layer. It hardened within seconds (that's what she said ;-) ) and dried to be very stiff- it felt like I was wearing a cast on my face, or that I had covered it in plaster. It was almost a claustrophobic feeling because it was so hard, but I didn't mind because it is only for a short time. Directions state that you can leave this on for 10-20 minutes, I chose to leave it on for the full 20. I then jumped in the shower and rinsed it off with warm water. My sample contained enough for two masks, so the second time I applied it I did a heavier layer. The more product you put on the harder and stiffer it dries on the face. I think it's really preference how much you choose to put on.

So, the verdict. I was reading over some of the reviews on this product on Sephora.com and I have to say I agree with the overall tone. This is a really nice product. My skin felt soft and moisturized and my blackheads were smaller, definitely not gone. The way this mask is described, I almost expected to get out of the shower with skin glowing like that elf princess from Lord of the Rings. Of course, this did not happen- it is not a miracle product. It is also really difficult to tell whether you think your skin looks better or if it actually does because the change is so subtle. With that being said, I did feel like my skin had a healthy look to it following application. Is it worth the hefty $69 price tag? That is still debatable. I think your skin will, no doubt, benefit from this mask. However, I am just not convinced it is as life-changing as it built up to be.

Light mask application

Heavy mask application

Close-up of the blackhead "vacuuming"

My skin sans makeup, directly after cleaning off the mask

Hope you enjoyed this review! XoX

3 Ways to Brighten Your Eyes

A few simple steps can bring light to your eye area and make you look more awake!

Step 1: Put a bit of a brightening concealer directly under your lower lash-line. It helps you look much more awake!
Step 2: Apply a nude eyeliner to the center of the lower water line. By placing it only in the center, it really opens the eye without looking too obvious.
Step 3: Apply a bright, shimmery eyeshadow to the tear duct area, brow bone and the center of the eyelid.
Curl your lashes and apply mascara to finish it off!

Products Used:
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Radiant
Tarte Inner Rim Brightener
MAC eyeshadow in Nylon (see review here!)

How to Look Cute at a Festival

Festivals are all about enjoying music, being a free spirit, and not giving a damn about how you look! But sometimes it takes a little effort have that fresh, "carefree" look about you. It doesn't take a lot, but a few products taken along with you in the ..tent?... can go along way! A few easy, low maintenance steps and you  can polish up your look while still maintaining the "I'm a free spirit" vibe so embraced as these events!

Sunscreen is probably the most important tool and in your toolkit for these events. They typically take place in the summer months and the last thing you want to deal with is an uncomfortable burn and a peeling face. Not to mention how important it is to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. For your face, opt for a sunscreen like this one from Neutrogena that won't break you out. For your body, sunscreen in an easy and quick spray format is your best bet. And don't forget your lips! There is nothing worse than burnt lips, so don't forget something like this lip balm from Shiseido with serious SPF protection!

You probably won't want to bother with foundation at a festival, so a BB cream is a perfect option. It provides coverage and sun protection, and you can get a great even application with your fingers. Even without a mirror you won't need to worry about odd streaks, off coloring or too heavy of a finish because it blends seamlessly into the skin. The drug store offers great options, like this one from Maybelline that I use weekly. You can also go for a higher end product like this highly rated product from Urban Decay (left). 

Lots of people won't bother with eyeshadow, but a little shimmer on the lid can add light to your face and brighten your eye area. Take a long-wearing cream eyeshadow in a neutral color and you can quickly apply it all over the lid with your finger. The fact that it doesn't need to be precise makes it perfect for a festival! Go for a Maybelline color tattoo or a higher-end version with better wearing power like the Makeup Forever Aqua Creams. 
Mascara is a staple for most women so it may be one of the few things you bring to a festival. If you do choose to bring mascara, definitely opt for waterproof so you don't have to worry about smudging or running!

If you want to add a bit more pizzazz to your festival look, bringing waterproof liner in a fun color, or in your basic black is a great option. Look for products that say "24/7" or "24 hour" or just plain "waterproof"! Above are great products from Urban Decay, Stila and Covergirl.

A lip product can be really quick, easy and maintenance-free if you choose the right one! A stain (Revlon Lip Stains-1st and 3rd from left) will last all day and is resistant to smudging and wearing off. The Dior product (2nd from left) is a nifty formula that claims to adjust to your specific skin to create the perfect color! You can also opt for your basic lip gloss, like this one from Clarins (4th from left) that conditions your lips and leaves a subtle color and gloss.

Two-in-one products are awesome for events like festivals and just traveling in general. A blush that doubles as a lip product saves space and can be really convenient, but might require a few more minutes in front of a mirror to get the application just right. On the far left is a blush by Givenchy that claims to adjust to your skin to create the perfect flush, which definitely makes things easier when you don't have a lot of time or motivation to perfect your makeup. The rest are similar two-in-one products by Stila, Too Faced and Josie Maran without the color-adjusting effects! 

Some other things to consider bringing along on your music-loving adventure are, one, a makeup setting spray. This one by Urban Decay claims to adjust to changing temperatures, keeping your makeup in place regardless of the weather! Spritzing on a setting spray also reduces the need for a powder. Another nice addition to your travel items is a perfume rollerball. It can never hurt to have a little extra help in this department especially on hot days! Lastly, what I consider a necessity is lip conditioner. I can't live without my Aquaphor, but any lip balm or chapstick will stave off chapped lips!

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what you look like at a music festival-as long as your having fun. But, having an arsenal of products in case you do want to polish up your look a bit, or just bring out your best features is never a bad idea! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you attended Coachella, hope it was a great time! XoXo


So sick and upset about the events in Boston today. I would be at the Marathon, but thankfully I am back home in New York today. My thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy.

My Birchbox Faves

I've been getting these Birchbox's for quite some time now, and I continue to love the element of surprise that they bring each month! I love most of the little goodies that we get, but some have stuck out as being my favorites. I thought I would share some of the items I have liked the most and ones that have become staples in my beauty wardrobe!

I love using this at night on my cuticles. It helps seal in moisture and fights against flaking skin around your cuticles. Plus it smells like bananas!

I had heard about this product quite a bit before I received a sample in my Birchbox, but once I actually got to try it I was hooked! It has a milky texture and leaves your skin soft and supple. It feels natural and luxurious and delivers so much moisture without clogging pores and leaving your skin greasy. I bought the smaller bottle, then upgraded to the largest size and have been using it every morning and night since! 

This is a great little blush/highlighter that I use for extra color along the tops of my cheek bones for added contour and shimmer!

Adorable and effective, this is a great addition to your purse for nail filing on the go! Plus you can only find it at the Birchbox store!

I received this in my March Birchbox and I must say it is absolutely fantastic. A few spritzes and your hair is de-tangled and prepped for your blow dry. Afterwards, you hair feels soft and silky and frizz is tamed. I am definitely planning on purchasing this in the full-size! Definite winner. 

A quick spray at your roots and this product gives even greasy hair added volume and life. I think it would be effective for any hair type!

This stuff smells HEAVENLY! Put this on wet before blow drying and your hair will literally feel like silk afterwards. I used this stuff until the last drop, and even saved the sample bottle so I wouldn't forget to purchase the full size! 

What are your favorites?!

Inject Volume Into "Dirty"/Flat Hair!

 Mornings can be hectic and busy, and we don't always have time to shower in addition to everything else we have to do! I, for one, shower the night before and style my hair in the morning. However I find that even after styling my hair looks flat and lifeless because I have slept on it all night. Our hair also tends to get this way when its on its second or third day of wear without washing. So, you want voluminous hair that's clean looking and grease-free but you don't want to wash it! I definitely have your solution (this is beginning to sound like an infomercial ha!)! But, seriously, this works SO well and saves my hair every morning. The best part is it takes about two minutes! There is really nothing better than something that is quick, easy, AND effective! I decided to do a video for this because I thought it would be easier to show you guys exactly what to do and you'll see the results better than if I were to take pictures. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Products Used: TreSemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Dry
Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray

So Sorry!

So sorry for the lack of posts this week! Tomorrow you will see how to inject volume in "dirty" second and third day hair, yay! Until then, check out the adorable baby elephant!

Get Chic for Cheap!

I feel like I am always seeing these great outfits in the magazines and on websites that seem so achievable until you see the price tag! I thought it may be fun to try and do a "look for less" post, featuring a pricey look with some less expensive, but similar options!

3: Tildon Bootie $89.95
I did not include the belt because I think its kind of a random addition to this outfit
Total price of outfit sans belt: $423.95

These are some options to replace for the pricey originals!

3: H & M T-Shirt $24.95
4: H & M T-Shirt $12.95
6: Gap Jeans $69.95
7: DSW Booties $59.94
10: Adia Kibur Necklace (didn't change this because its affordable!) $32

As much as I LOVE Wildfox clothing and Citizens of Humanity jeans seem soo comfortable, the prices make them pretty difficult to buy. There are always less expensive options out there that give you a very similar look! For the tops, I chose graphic tees that are basically simple but feature one, focus object. I tried to keep it to light colors like whites and pinks and keep the feature objects feminine to resemble the Wildfox tee. The jeans were a much easier find, these boyfriend jeans from Gap are almost identical to the COH ones, and for a fraction of the price! The shoes were also really tricky. The first, snakeskin, bootie captures the visual texture that the Tildon bootie has. The second one has the darkened tip, like the original, and the same color scheme, but a much thinner heel. The last bootie has a thicker heel and the darkened tip, but has a shimmery finish. I kept the same necklace because its quite affordable at $32!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Xoxo

Coveting Cobalt

Cobalt blue on the eyes is a big trend right now, and I think a great one! It is bright, yet wearable and a fun option for spring. I also think it also looks so nice on any eye color and skin tone, making it a versatile look. I thought it would be fun to show how this color can be worn in both an understated and a more bold way!

The wearable look:
Step 1: Apply a white or nude base to make the color stand out more
I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk

Step 2: This part is really up to you, but I chose a silvery blue color
for across the whole lid, I think it works nicely with the cobalt.
This is an amazing color from one of the Bare Minerals Ready duo eyeshadow palettes
"The Flashback". Shadows from these palettes also last FOREVER!

Step 3: Use a pencil brush (like MAC 219) and blend a cobalt blue eyeshadow
along the lash line- making it thicker on the corner and winging it out slightly
The blue is Chaos from the Urban Decay Vice palette

Step 4: Add mascara and your done! No need to add anything
to the bottom lash-line if you want just a subtle pop of color.

To amp it up:

Step 1: Working from what you already have, use the same pencil brush
and blue color and make an arc above the natural crease, connecting it to the tip of 
the original wing

Step 2: Line the outer 2/3rd of the lower lash-line with the bright blue 
and the inner corner with the original silvery blue.

Add some false eyelashes if you so desire and your done!

What it looks like from afar

What I used:

Would you guys wear this color?! xoxo