DIY Spanx- Stop inner-thigh rubbage!

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and that means the dresses and skirts come out in full force and the tights go back into the Winter drawer! Unfortunately  with the tights nestled away until Fall, the inner thighs are exposed and ripe for rubbing. Unless you are one of those blessed individuals, or 12 years old, your thighs more than likely rub together when you walk. I find little more uncomfortable than the feeling of rubbing thighs, so I thought of a way to keep it at bay. Enter-DIY spanx! The easy and insanely cheap way to keep your thighs looking slim and trim while keeping them from that pesky rubbing.

You will need:
-A pair of tights you don't wear anymore
        Try and use a quality pair of tights that you find comfortable.
-A pair of scissors

You are best off using a pair of nude tights so that you can wear them under any dress or skirt,
but I only had these blue ones at the moment.

Step 1:
Cut off the lower half of one leg of the tights. Then, put the tights on and see where the cut half hits you. Depending on where it lands, decide whether to leave it where it is or cut it more. If you need to cut it more, make a mark where you think you should cut and then take the tights back off. 

Step 2: 
Depending on where the initial cut fell, decide how much more to cut off and chop chop! TIP: Leave at least an inch and a half- two inches beyond where you think you should cut. The tights will roll up when you start walking around and you don't want to feel like you have to keep pulling them down!

Step 3:
Cut the other leg of the tights to match the first and your done!!

When the "Spanx" are completed, put them on under any dress or skirt you want! This will completely stop the feeling of sticky, rubbing thighs!! Enjoy! XOX


  1. what denier were those blue tights and where did you buy them from..? I need a pair but can not find this colour anywhere !![if only you had not cut them up !!}

  2. ha! i love this! I wanted a pair of really short, like bikini cut spanx for these shorts i have but I couldn't afford any, so this is really helpful!