L'Oreal Versailles Romance Color Riche Balms

I spotted this bright new L'Oreal collection displayed recently in the drug store and I couldn't resist trying something out (shocker)! I am so drawn to these types of colors, I think they are so lovely and yummy looking, like candy. I didn't really feel like getting a nail polish so I decided on two Color Riche Balms. I have one Balm already, and it's just o.k., but I decided to give these a try.

I got two of the pinker colors. There was a purpleish color and a blueish color that interested me, but I couldn't imagine a blue color looking good on the lips- if anyone has tried either of these colors please leave your thoughts in the comments section! The colors I chose were Come By My Windows and Laze in the Maze. These names seem kind of random to me, I'm assuming they have something to do with Versailles in France? Who knows... Anyways, I have pretty mixed feelings about this product. On the upside, for a lip balm type product, the pigmentation is pretty decent. The color does show up on your lips, but it is quite subtle, not strong like a lipstick would be. This can be both a pro and a con depending on what you like. If you have lighter pigmented lips, these will show up great on you- my lips are more strongly pigmented so the color payoff isn't spectacular on me. Another plus is that these are very, very moisturizing, as you may expect  and the finish is quite glossy. Lastly, I really love the colors of both of the balms I chose. They are light and soft, perfect for spring and summer.

Now for the cons. The biggest con for me is probably the length of time that these stay on the lips for. The longevity is soo minimal! It seems like by the time I get to the car, from my apartment, the color has already faded a bit. I really aim for products that don't require a ton of re-applying, so that was a disappointment  even though I kind of new what I was getting. Another downside is that, despite being moisturizing, this balm clings to dry patches on your lips. It seems like no matter how much I exfoliate, my lips still have stubborn dry patches that will probably only go away completely when it warms up. So, unless I have just recently exfoliated, this product emphasis those annoying dry spots. It also tends to go on a bit patchy. You want to kind of load this stuff on to get the optimal color payoff, but when you do that you will get patches instead of an even application. To rectify this I usually use my finger to really blend it into the lips, which, in turn, reduces the brightness of the color.

Overall, this product is really just o.k., not terrible and not great. I think this is a nice option for people that don't really like lipsticks but want a subtle color with added moisture. If you don't want to bother with frequent re-applying and/or want a stronger color payoff, I'd spend your money on something different. Do you own any of these Color Riche Balms?? Hope this was helpful Xoxo

Left: Come by my Windows, Laze in the Maze

Left: Laze in the Maze, Come by my Windows

Top: Come by my Windows
Laze in the Maze

No product

Laze in the Maze

Come by my Windows

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