My Birchbox Faves

I've been getting these Birchbox's for quite some time now, and I continue to love the element of surprise that they bring each month! I love most of the little goodies that we get, but some have stuck out as being my favorites. I thought I would share some of the items I have liked the most and ones that have become staples in my beauty wardrobe!

I love using this at night on my cuticles. It helps seal in moisture and fights against flaking skin around your cuticles. Plus it smells like bananas!

I had heard about this product quite a bit before I received a sample in my Birchbox, but once I actually got to try it I was hooked! It has a milky texture and leaves your skin soft and supple. It feels natural and luxurious and delivers so much moisture without clogging pores and leaving your skin greasy. I bought the smaller bottle, then upgraded to the largest size and have been using it every morning and night since! 

This is a great little blush/highlighter that I use for extra color along the tops of my cheek bones for added contour and shimmer!

Adorable and effective, this is a great addition to your purse for nail filing on the go! Plus you can only find it at the Birchbox store!

I received this in my March Birchbox and I must say it is absolutely fantastic. A few spritzes and your hair is de-tangled and prepped for your blow dry. Afterwards, you hair feels soft and silky and frizz is tamed. I am definitely planning on purchasing this in the full-size! Definite winner. 

A quick spray at your roots and this product gives even greasy hair added volume and life. I think it would be effective for any hair type!

This stuff smells HEAVENLY! Put this on wet before blow drying and your hair will literally feel like silk afterwards. I used this stuff until the last drop, and even saved the sample bottle so I wouldn't forget to purchase the full size! 

What are your favorites?!

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