25 Random Facts About Me!

I have seen a few other bloggers do this recently and I don't do many personalized posts like this-so I thought it would be fun for something different! Plus these details about my life are obviously endlessly interesting to all of you ;-). If you blog, I challenge you to do the same! XO

1. I am a huge softie, especially when it comes to animals! I don't even like to kill ants!

2. I babysit for an 18 month old boy who I adore!

3. My degree is in School Psychology and I am currently finishing a full time internship in a public school, but I would love to pursue freelance makeup in addition

4. My blog makes each day brighter- as corny as it sounds it really keeps me going!

5. My black lab of 10 years had to be put down recently :-(

6. My older, and only sister is a doctor, OB/GYN

7. I currently reside in Boston, MA

8. My favorite weather is 70 degrees and sunny, any warmer is not necessary!

9. I love being by an ocean, but I'd rather swim in a lake

10. My perfect date would take place in a cabin nestled in the mountains with a fire going

11. I absolutely love traveling, but rarely have the time or money to do so

12. My favorite holiday is Christmas, which also happens to be my sister's birthday

13. My dad and I share a birthday

14. I would eat bagels everyday if they weren't bad for you

15. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 8 years- no breaks

16. I grew up in a suburb outside of Syracuse, New York

17. I have a huge sweet tooth and almost always eat dessert

18. I am an eternal optimist, but have always suffered from anxiety

19. People describe me as being bubbly and a good listener

20. When I was growing up, my mom enrolled me in every sport imaginable, from softball to horseback riding

21. I was a dedicated gymnast until I quit in 7th grade

22. I am huge history buff and will willingly watch an informational documentary

23.I can be stubborn and overly sensitive

24. Sleeping in a strange place makes me nervous

25. I am all about girly things like makeup and fashion, but definitely have a tomboy side-I love hiking and other outdoor activities and am never afraid of getting dirty!

And there you go! 25 completely random and useless facts about the face behind Beauty Banter! I would love to hear some random facts about you in the comments section!!

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