Almay Smart Shade CC Cream Review

By now most of you have probably tried or at least heard of BB Cream, the infamous "Beauty Balm" that originated in Asian and took the United States by storm. But have you heard of CC Cream? Yes it actually exists! CC stands for "Color Correcting" and, while BB cream smooths and re-texturizes, CC cream aims to reduce redness and sallowness in the skin. The Almay CC Cream provides broad based sun protection with SPF 35 and simply claims to color correct the skin. Annoyingly, the product isn't up on Almay's website yet so I can't get anymore deets. From what I have read about other CC Creams, most of them have great anti-aging benefits and other helpful ingredients to improve skin while you wear it. The Almay product does not seem to have these additional benefits.
My first impressions of the product aren't overwhelmingly good or bad. It is a lot like my Maybelline BB Cream except it provides a little less coverage and adds more radiance to the skin. It goes on lightly and definitely doesn't feel heavy while your wearing it, which is a plus, and one that you will get with most of these creams. It also doesn't have much of a scent to speak of which is typically a positive for most people.

Due to the added radiance and shimmer, this may not be the best option for those with super oily skin or those who are prone to blemishes. The shininess of the product will enhance oiliness and it also tends to make zits even more apparent. I think this product is best for those with skin that tends to be dry and dull. It will make your skin look more glowy, healthy and revived.

In terms of packaging, it is your typical squeezey tube. I actually prefer this type of packaging over the pumpless bottles that most drug store foundations come in. It comes with 30mL of product and retails for around $10. I chose the shade Light.

A nice product, but certainly nothing mind-blowing. I like that it has a high SPF, but the added shimmer would make it hard to wear on the hot days coming up for summer. Also, it's disappointing that it doesn't have some of the skin-improving benefits that other CC and BB Creams have. I will probably end up using this product as a highlighter to add radiance to certain parts of the face. It can also be used in addition to your daily foundation to add a little bit of shimmer- just mix the two together!

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  1. I'm not sure if they changed the formula or what, but I just wanted to point out that the ingredients niacinamide and licorice root extract are both listed on the packaging, so though they might not overtly market the benefits, the first has anti aging benefits, and both are great for evening out pigmentation over time!