My May Birchbox!

This May has been just beautiful so far, at least on the East coast. We have had tons of sunshine and perfect temperature! Usually May is that long month before school ends, but the nice weather sure makes it more tolerable. Check out what I got from Birchbox this month!

I love the color of this blush, but it is PACKED with shimmer, so it won't be for everyone!

I love the fact that this product claims to brighten and exfoliate the skin. I would be
hesitant to try it because of my sensitive skin, but this seems especially made for it! 

I am realizing more and more how important sunblock is to the preservation of young-looking
skin. I love the soothing quality of this sunblock and it is very light, not thick, which probably makes it easier to wear underneath makeup. It also has a fruity smell, which is nice for people who hate the smell of sunblock!

This perfume is o.k. It smells kind of like your average perfume to me, nothing special
or catching. It's a pleasant smell that reminds me a lot of Ralph Lauren perfume. 

We get these "lifestyle extras" frequently in Birchboxes. I try them out about 1% of the time
haha! This is actually something I plan on trying though. I'm not a huge tea drinker, but the fact that it has caffeine is attractive to me- and the fact that it has anti-oxidants is great too! Although I cannot relate to you at all because I LOVE coffee, I think this tea is a perfect option for people who don't like coffee but want to wake up a bit!

What was in your May box? Xo

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