Recent Trends: Would You Wear It?

Every year brings different trends. Some are fantastic and some, well...not so much. Are you the daring type that is willing to try out some of the more funky trends, or do you stick to the trusty traditionals? Personally, I am open to most trends- if you see them enough in the media and just in the general population, somehow they seem to grow on you, I don't know how it happens! I even started to like clogs when they came back into style last year- yikes!! There have been some really interesting styles that have emerged this past year. Some are reminiscent of past eras while others seem to be pretty fresh and new! What do you think of these popular trends? Would you wear it, or better yet, have you worn it?! Which is your favorite? I'd love to know! My favorite is the round sunglasses trend. Could I pull them off? My better senses tell me NO, but they are seriously adorable! Check out the pics below to see our favorite celebs rocking these hit-or-miss styles!

The Wedge Sneaker

The Top Knot

The High-Low (Mullet) Hem

The High-Waisted, Light Denim Shorts
Army Inspired Jackets
The Knuckle Ring

Chunky Chains

The Round Sunglasses


  1. In order: No (I'm a grown woman with some semblance of class), ALL the time, of course (they are lovely), HELL no (again...I am a grown woman), Yes, Yes but I would lose it in a second, and 100% Yes.

    1. I forgot to add round sunglasses- what about those!?