NARS Lip Gloss in Spring Break Review + Swatches

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share a product that I recently bought. I originally went into Sephora wanting to purchase the Nars Larger than Life lip gloss in Born This Way, a light lilacy-pink gloss. I know full-on lilac lip stick probably won't work for me, but I wanted to embrace the trend on some level so I really wanted to give this a try! When faced with all the NARS glosses, I started to second guess my original decision, of course swatching numerous colors trying to decide which would be the best one to buy. Oddly enough, I ended up with a fairly basic nude gloss. What attracted me was the gold shimmer that I thought would be so nice for a summer!

If I didn't know any better, I would think this was the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer- it is the exact same packing and a very similar color!

What makes this lip gloss slightly different than most is the applicator. It has a short, stiff, paint brush as opposed to the doe foot applicator most glosses have. I actually like this because you can get a really precise application with such a small brush. The downside is you may need a few coats to get the nice, even coverage that you get with the doe foot.

This gloss has nice color payoff for a nude and I love the golden shimmer (although you can't really see it in this picture). The texture is quite sticky, which makes it last for hours, but I know can drive some people crazy. It doesn't bother me too much, and I love the fact that it doesn't rub off as quickly as some of the more "slippery" glosses!

Overall, I really love this lip gloss. You definitely pay for it with a price tag of $26, but I think having a few higher-end products can go so far when it comes to your makeup collection. And what better to invest in than a nude gloss that will never go out of style! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! When you are commenting down below I would LOVE to hear any suggestions for future makeup posts-or any types of posts-that would be useful! Thank you! XO

Sultry for Summer Makeup

Hey guys! I had an urge to use the silver color from my Lime Crime D'Antionette palette so I knew I wanted to incorporate it into a makeup look somehow. I came up with a cut-crease type look that would work great for a night out! I amped up the look even further with bright coral lips!

To start, cover the entire lid with a densely pigmented silver eyeshadow. This one from Lime Crime has a lot of glittery fall-out, so you may want to do your foundation and concealer last (which I didn't do-oops!)

To build depth, I applied some of the matte purple color from the same Lime Crime palette just to the outer corner and crease.

The real crux of this look happens with this step. Take a purple eyeliner and create the shape shown above. Draw the line above your natural crease so that you can see it when the eye is open. This is great if your like me and have a smaller eyelid. You want to use a kohl eyeliner pencil or one that blends very easily. I didn't have one so I used an eyeliner that sets very quickly, making it difficult to blend. Either way, directly after applying the eyeliner use a pencil brush to blend it out as much as possible-in my case it wasn't that much!

Because my pencil barely blended, I used a darker purple shadow to try and soften the line and create more of a smokey effect. For this step I used the darkest color in the Bare Minerals palette shown in the materials picture.

Line the water line with a-you guessed it-purple pencil!

I mixed the two purples from the Bare Minerals palette and smoked out the outer corner of the lower lashline. You can apply these shadows with the same pencil brush you used to blend the eyeliner.

Apply mascara! I also added more silver shadow to the center of eyeliner and highlighted under the brow bone a bit.

For the cheeks I just used my bronzer again because the eyes and lips are so full-on. On the lips I used Shocking Coral from the Maybelline Vivids collection. It is really much more pinky on me than corally, so I put a coral lip gloss overtop from Revlon. 


What I Used

Eyeliner is by Stila, bronzer is by Too Faced, mascara is by L'Oreal
Everything else is mentioned in the tutorial!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! XoXo

Sunburst Makeup

This makeup is great for a summer night out! There are quite a few steps but it is really quite easy!

I started this makeup with my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk for a base. I love using this prior to dark eyeshadow because it helps the color standout and is a bit sticky which reduces fall out.

Next place a piece of tape along the side of your eye so that it creates a line between the outer corner and the tip of your eyebrow. This helps when your trying to make winged-out eyeshadow. Pack on a dark purple eyeshadow, I used MAC Beauty Marked because I love the shimmer it has in it. To get a really strong color payoff, you may have to apply, blend, and then re-apply until the color is dark enough. Apply it only to the inner corner and the outer corner, leaving the middle of the eyelid bare. Blend out any harsh edges with a clean blending brush.

In the center of the lid, apply a gold pigment. I used Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Color in Pale Gold. This product is absolutely awesome when you want tons of pigment and shine.

To darken the outer corner, apply a black eyeshadow over the purple-blend it inward towards the center of the eye. I just used the Black color in the Naked 2 palette.

Next, take a pencil brush and run it all along the lower lash-line. Blend it in with the winged eyeshadow.

Take the same gold pigment that you used on the top lid, and place it just in the center of the lower lash-line to mirror the what you did on the eye lid.

To intensify the shine on the top lid, I applied my MAC pressed pigment in Flicker just to the center of the gold. Wet your brush a bit before applying this product and it works much better! I love this pressed pigment!

For added intensity, line the waterline with a black eye pencil.

Finish off the look with a few coats of mascara and some false lashes! I used L'Oreal Million Lashes and some Revlon Falsies.

On the cheeks I just ran a bunch of bronzer just under my cheek bones for some contour and more of a sunkissed look. On the lips, I used this lovely nudey-orangey color from MAC's Hey Sailor! collection-Salute! 

And that's it! All done!

What I Used

MAC Beauty Marked, Nylon, Quarry, Flicker
-Nylon and Quarry were just used for blending and highlighter but didn't show up enough in a picture to make it it's own step :-)
Josie Maran eyeliner
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
BareMinerals High Shine eye color in Pale Gold


Lips and Cheeks
Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer
MAC Salute! lipstick

Leave any questions about this look in the comments section! Hope you enjoyed this look! XO

Concealer 101

There are so many concealers out there it is so hard to know which ones to choose and what to use them for! I have tried quite a few concealers, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about each one so you can be a better informed consumer!

For under-eye concealing
Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer

This concealer claims to work as both a concealer and an eye cream. I was immediately drawn to it because my under-eyes can get really dry, especially in the winter. It does provide nice moisture, but it doesn't deliver as much coverage as I would like to hide my dark circles. If you don't have a huge problem with darkness, this could be a great option for you- but if your like myself you may need to hold off for a more pigmented product. 

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

This is a great option for concealing under-eye darkness. It is slightly pinkish in color which really helps brighten-up eye bags. It also provides a good amount of coverage and isn't super drying. Although some may dislike the applicator, I actually think it delivers a smooth application that I really like.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

One of my favorite under-eye concealers EVER! This product is so amazing for bringing light to the under-eye area while simultaneously concealing. It has very pink under-tones, again great for brightening and will instantly make you look more awake. A downside is that the writing on the packaging wears off extremely quickly. As you can see mine is completely gone! Other than that- you can't go wrong with this concealer.

Revlon ColorStay Concealing Pen

This is a nice product, but one I rarely reach for. It has Titanium Dioxide, which is a brightening ingredient, and does do some nice things for that under-eye darkness. It also has decent concealing power and the fact that it's Colorstay means it should last a while- but for some reason I always reach for my Dream Lumi Touch over this one. Maybe it's just preference because overall this is an effective product!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I bought this product after Youtube guru Gossmakeupartist claimed that it is completely crease-proof. I totally disagree that it's crease proof, but it is an extremely effective concealer. Whenever a product has the word "radiant" in it, you know it should be used for highlighting and NOT concealing. Anything with shimmer will make your blemishes stand out, which is obviously not something we want. This concealer is very creamy in consistency (hence the name) and delivers tons of pigment, while also brightening. An all-over winner!-and you pay for it for almost $30. 

MAC Prep and Prime (lightest color)

This isn't so much a concealer as it is a highlighter. It's yellow tones do amazing things for neutralizing under-eye darkness and creating an overall bright and highlighted area. I love this product, it is a complete winner! You can see how I used it to replicate Kim Kardashian's infamous highlight/contour routine here!

For concealing blemishes

Revlon Photoready Concealer

Overall this product does a nice job concealing blemishes. The "crayon" style packaging makes application quick and easy and it's thicker consistency helps with covering the redness of unsightly zittos. No real complaints, but it certainly isn't a "holy grail" type concealer. I did a full review on this here!

Neutrogena SkinClearing Concealing Pen

I was drawn to this product for obvious reasons- it helps heal your blemishes while concealing! In theory- it sounds fantastic-but in practice its just an o.k. concealer. I find it works best when you let the product dry a bit before blending it over the blemish!


Covergirl + Olay stick concealer

This is a product that could really go either way- you could use it for under eye concealing as well as blemish concealing. It works for under-eyes because its moisturizing enough not to completely dry out the area- it works for blemishes for these same reasons. I personally wouldn't use this for under the eyes, just because it doesn't have the brightening qualities I look for, but I certainly use it for concealing blemishes. Overall its a nice product, but again, not mind-blowing!

And that's it! As you can see, my concealer quest is pretty heavily weighted on the side of under-eye concealing. I am always looking for that amazing, magical product that will make my dark circles and bags disappear! Of course, I haven't come across it just yet, but the products I have do a pretty nice job! I hope this helped prepare you to tackle the world of concealers and gave you some insight into which product may work best for you! 

Bright on Bright Makeup

I have seen this eyeliner trend a lot in the past few months and thought, why not pair it with some bright pink lipstick! Can't really go wrong right? It's summer, anything goes!

To start, I took my beloved MAC Chromagraphic eye pencil in Hi Def Cyan and created a thick, winged line along the upper lashline. Use a Q-Tip to shape the outer wing when using a pencil.

To add a bit more drama and definition to the blue liner, trace over it with a black liquid liner.

Add a few coats of mascara just to the upper lashes!

I skipped blush and bronzer to keep the focus on the bright eyes and lips. I used a super cheap Wet and Wild lipstick!

That's it, done!-Try to ignore my hair not really sure what's going on there

What I Used

Wet and Wild Lipstick in Tinkerbell

Would you wear this liner!? 
Have a great day! XO