Khroma Heavy Gaze Lash/shadow Duo Review

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you may not know that the famous sister trio known as the Kardashians started yet another venture, this time a beauty line. Khroma beauty is sold at the drugstore but tends to run a bit pricier than other drugstore brands. The ladies have used their distinct styles to market products that are designed to reflect each sister: Kim's nude lip, Kourtney's smokey eye ect. I had been wanting to try something from the Khroma line just out of curiosity's sake, but I have to say the price is a bit of a deterrent. Also, the products seem to sell pretty quickly and most of the time I come across the display it is quite picked over. Finally, a few months ago I spotted these lashes and thought "what the hell" and decided to take them home. The product comes with a set of lashes and an eyeshadow duo.

I'll start with the packaging and price. The packaging is decent, nothing special, just a flimsy plastic covering really. I didn't try the lash glue that came with the lashes because I will only use Duo glue- yes I'm a snob when it come to my eyeballs! 

These lashes are pricey for Drugstore! A whopping $13 because you also get the shadows. I'll tell you right now, NOT worth it! But keep on reading to find out why.

My first impression with these lashes: just not good. The spine of the lashes is SO thick it makes them really difficult to work with and nearly impossible to place correctly on the eye. When you stick one end down, the other end pops up, and its a vicious cycle, even with my very powerful Duo glue! They won't span your whole eye lid, they stop a couple centimeters before the corner. This is often something you want with lashes, but the place that they stop is right where my eye wants to curve-making them even MORE difficult to secure.The thick spine also makes them look less natural. You have to make sure to blend it into whatever eyeshadow you use or it will be super obvious you are wearing falsies. These are pretty dramatic so people would be able to tell anyways, but no reason to make them even more obvious! I can't really find any redeeming quality about the lashes themselves. I have tried MUCH betters ones from Revlon and Eyelure that are cheaper :-).

As for the eyeshadows. They are actually better than I expected, pretty soft and velvety to the touch with nice pigmentation. They could be used to create a pretty decent smokey eye, but I would honestly never reach for them over all my other shadows. 

My overall Impression:
Pass on these. I'm not saying these are reflective of the whole Khroma collection, I'm actually looking forward to trying other products, but they did not succeed with this one. Unless you are an expert lash-applier, look for lashes with a very thin and flexible spine. 

To see these lashes in action- I used them in this post. 

Have you tried anything from the Kardashian's line?? 
Hope you enjoyed! XoXo


  1. I've heard so many mixed opinions on the khroma line. I really hope they bring it to the UK so that I can actually see for myself :)

    great blog by the way and thanks for checking out our blog :)


    1. I'm surprised they haven't yet-only a matter of time! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The packaging looks really cheap but I do like the gold eyeshadow!

    Emily x

    1. Yeah packaging is nothing special- but the eyeshadows really arn't bad!

  3. A Boston blogger! Love it. We grew up there too. Come check out our GIVEAWAY :)

  4. lovely blog
    love it

  5. Hmm.... haven't seen the Kroma line in Canada yet, but gonna go ahead and avoid these lashes when they finally show up here! Great review!

    -C xo

  6. I just found your blog and I am LOVING it!! I've been going back and forth on trying the Khroma line, but I've read such bad reviews of their lashes! I think I may give some of the lip products a try though.