Tip of the Day: Contouring

Hope you all had a great weekend! The tip for today has to do with contouring.

When you want subtle definition, it is completely fine to use a bronzer. A bronzer and a large fluffy brush can enhance your cheekbones and give you a nice glow. Just make sure the bronzer is completely matte.

However, if you want to do a stronger contour, it may look more natural to use a taupe eyeshadow or blush with grey undertones instead of a bronzer with red or orange undertones- I am a huge fan of NYX blush in Taupe. Shadows are gray, not orange, so if you are trying to replicate a shadow, why would you use an orange or a brown powder...right?

Instead of a big fluffy brush, for an intense contour use a smaller brush, I love using the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

Hope this was helpful!! XO

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  1. I really dont wear much make up, but I am filing away these tips for when I am going somewhere special. I may need some practice before I post with my new face. You are teaching me alot!!
    XX, Elle