Soft + Romantic Day to Night Makeup-NAKED 3

Hey guys! I love experimenting with a new palette, especially one as gorgeous as the new Naked 3! The colors are all so pretty and complement each other so nicely, the possibilities are endless! For this post, I created a look that is perfect for a day to night transition. It is smokey and romantic yet soft and subtle enough to wear all day long without looking like a drag queen :-). 

For a great base, I love starting with my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over the lid, inner corner and up to the brown bone.

After that's all blended in, I put the color Burnout all over the lid and all along the lower lash line (swatch in corner).

To start building that smokey effect, take Nooner and a fluffy brush, and blend it all throughout the crease and into the inner corner. Blend out the edges as needed.

To smoke this makeup out, take the same fluffy brush and work Darkside into the crease and the "outer V." Also run this color along the outer corner of the lower lash line. 

Now to brighten it up! Take Buzz and place it just on the center of the lid, keep packing it on until it really shines!

I love Strange for a highlight color. It is the perfect balance between matte and shimmery. Place this liberally under the brow bone and in the tear duct area.

For added definition, line the upper lash line and the water line.

Apply mascara!

Apply your favorite blush and a neutral shade of lipstick.

All done!!

Thanks so much for stopping by :-). XX


  1. love it. was not going to buy this one since I have the first one and love it. plus dont really love the packaging on it. I might buy it now though love the look you did here, it's stunning! xx. gigi.