Get VivaGlam for Valentines Day!

Hi! When Rihanna released her most recent MAC VivaGlam lipstick, I knew it was one I had to own. I loved how it was a gorgeous red, but was also packed with shimmer. I even got the matching gloss! I thought it would be great for a special occasion, and with Valentine's Day coming up, its the perfect opportunity! I decided to pair the bold lips with simple, yet interesting eye makeup. Enjoy!

This eye makeup only has a few key steps. To start off, use black gel or liquid liner to create a strong winged shape. I like to keep my liner very think along the lash line so that it doesn't make my eye appear smaller.

Next, I added some gold glitter liner from Urban Decay to create a base for the gold pigment. Place it in the tear-duct area as well as just underneath the eye.

Pack on the glitter! I chose MAC's Gold glitter pigment for this. As usual, I sprayed a pencil brush with setting spray and then dipped it into the pigment. Then, gently press the pigment in the desired area, it should stay put nicely!

Add a few coats of mascara and some false lashes for added drama! That's it for the eyes!

Time for the skin! I applied Marc Jacob's highlighting pen underneath the eyes and used my Urban Decay stick concealer in a deep color for the contour. I used Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation and a damp Beauty Blender to blend everything together!

The star of the show! MAC's VivaGlam lipstick and gloss by Ri Ri

All done!

Hope you guys enjoyed!! XX

Current Beauty Wishlist

Hey guys! With new and exciting products being released all the time in the beauty world, its hard not to constantly have a wishlist! In an effort to curb my beauty-related spending, I decided to put together a wishlist instead of just going right out and buying everything! Check out what I am currently lusting after :-)
I am such a foundation junkie. For some reason it is something that I am always collecting in the quest to find the perfect one. This caught my eye because it boasts a weightless and light application, which is always desirable in a foundation. It's also Buxom's first foundation released (via Sephora anyways), so I was curious about it. I looked through the reviews and they appear to be solidly great! This is one product I would love to try for these cold winter months!

The Naked line by Urban Decay has been FULL of winners. From the eyeshadows to the lipsticks, I am loving everything about these products. One thing I have yet to try is a Naked powder. I usually steer clear from these very loose, messy powders, but based on the reviews this product sounds fantastic. I absolutely love my MAC MSF powder, but this one may be something I try in the next few months!

Benefit is an all around amazing brand. Much like Urban Decay, the company seems to release winning product after winning product. So, when I see a new release I am automatically interested. I don't usually go for lip/cheek stains, but the color of this one looks so amazing! And again, the reviews are fantastic!

I'm not sure if its the cold, lack of sleep, stress or what, but my skin has been not only prone to breakouts but SO lackluster recently. With a wedding coming up this summer, perfect, glowing skin is definitely my goal. I tried a sample of this product (check my review here) last Spring. I remember being super impressed by this product, but unwilling to spend the money to buy the full size. At nearly $70 it is definitely an investment. With my skin struggling a bit lately I am re-considering adding this to my skincare routine!

Probably one of the most popular bronzers ever, this product has always been something I've had in the back of my mind. Bronzer isn't something I collect, but recently I've decided that I should invest in a nice, quality one, especially as my skin gets paler and paler from lack of sun. Perhaps it is something I can justify in the near future!

My skin is SO sensitive I can barely ever change up my skincare routine. 9 times out of 10 I will try a product and within a few days my skin has broken out into little rash-like bumps (cute right?). However, that doesn't stop me from constantly searching for the next great thing in skincare. With awesome reviews and lots of promises, this product seems flawless! Thinking about possibly trying a sample and seeing how my skin reacts!

What is currently on YOUR beauty wishlist? Have you tried any of these products? Thanks so much for stopping by! XX

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette: Blue Smokey Eye

Hi everyone! After my review of the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette I really wanted to create a looking using some of the gorgeous shimmery colors. I came up with a blue smokey eye that I think would look absolutely GORGEOUS on brown eyes. I hope you like it!

As I do a lot with different looks, I started off with a solid white base using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. This is really helpful when your using shimmery shadows because it provides a stickier surface and helps with fallout. It also helps the colors to really pop.

I used the grey shimmery color from the palette and placed it on the inner corner of the eye and in the tear duct area. This is a little risky because it darkens the eye area as opposed to brightens it up, but I think it works for this super smokey look.

Next, take the same shade and a pencil brush and run it all along the lower lash line.

I was excited to use this dark blue color. Place it all over the rest of the lid. Pack it in until you get a solid color. 

To really smoke it out, take the matte black shade from the palette and gently buff it into the outer corner. I really wanted to avoid a winged look since I do that so often, so I tried to make it more of a soft rounded shape.

A look is just not complete without the liner! I used a dark blue liner on the waterline and black gel on the upper lash line. To keep with the rounded shape I did not do a wing (and it was quite difficult to resist! haha). 

Finish off with a favorite mascara :-)

Skin before and after shot. I have been loving my Beauty Blender lately so I used that to blend in my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I then added a natural blush shade (Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Pink).

I HAD to add some light colors into my life. The winter is just dragging on and it's so drab. I used one of my favorite summer shades, NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero. 


I look kind of possessed in this pic :-o!

Hope you guys enjoyed!! XX

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a new palette with you today. This is an awesome collection of shadows that Smashbox put together. With a perfect mix of matte and super shimmery shadows, this palette takes care of all your needs. If you are looking for a new addition to your makeup collection I highly recommend this! 

Overall Rating: 10/10

All the shadows are very pigmented, soft, and super blendable. The palette also comes with a high quality dual-ended brush!

The shadows aren't labeled, so I put the color of the shadow under each swatch. As you can see, these shadows pack in a ton of shimmer!

The picture above shows the remaining shimmery shades with the first matte shade from the bottom row of the palette. One of my favorite shades is the silvery/blue shadow (second from left), its so gorgeous and very pigmented!

Now onto the matte shades. These shades are all very neutral, and are perfect for creating an understated smokey eye. They are also very smooth and easily blended.

I love that this palette contains a really intense matte black. If you are look for an all-purpose palette you really need that black shade to be part of the mix!

Overall this was a fantastic purchase that I am really happy with. It definitely rivals the Urban Decay Naked palettes in terms of pigmentation, color selection and blendability.  The thing I actually prefer about this palette is that there is a much bigger selection of matte shades than the UD Naked palettes. So if you are just starting your makeup collection and are looking for an all-purpose purchase, this is a really safe buy. The palette retails for $49 wherever Smashbox products are sold. Hope you enjoyed this review! Thanks for stopping by! XX

Kim Kardashian's Au Natural Look

If President Lincoln were alive today I wonder what he would say about the fact the entire world reacts when one human being changes her hair color. Well, love it or hate it, it is the world we live in! After Kim Kardashian had baby Nori, she came out with a brand new look, and I have to say it's doing wonders for her. She's been rocking blonde locks and very natural and toned down makeup (for a Kardashian anyways). I happen to really like this combination of the lighter hair and the natural makeup. I do wish she would tone down the injections a bit because she is starting look a little like an alien. Why do the most beautiful women insist on changing their faces with surgery?? (ex. Megan Fox). Anyways, her makeup is lovely and I thought it would be a great idea to try and replicate it for you! Keep in mind...Kim is still wearing a lot of makeup, it is just done in such away that makes it look very understated. Hope you enjoy!

To start this look, I covered the entire eyelid, crease and entire lower lashline with MAC's Groundwork paint pot. This is a perfect product to start this because it will help to create that smokey yet natural look your going for. It also provides a great base for the rest of your makeup. Don't worry about being too neat with this.

This look is all about layering different products that look similar. This way, you get lots of depth while maintaining the natural vibe. For the second step, I used Quarry by MAC and a big fluffy brush (a blending brush will be your best friend for this look). Blend the product onto the outer 3rd of the lid, up into the crease...also take it along the lower lash-line concentrating on the outer 2/3rds.

Now, its Kim Kardashian, so we have to take it a few steps further. Take a dark, matte brown shadow (I used the dark brown shade from BareMinerals Epiphany duo) and apply it generously to the outer corner of the lid and through the crease. Use a pencil brush to run this heavily along the outer portion of the lower lashline. Make sure to blend the edges out really thoroughly so you have no harsh lines. 

It looks like Kim may have a little bit of gold eyeliner on her lower water-line. To maintain that natural look Kim has, I used a gold liner (Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Metallic Bronze) but just along the center of my lower lashline.

To finish off the eyes, I added a bit of a highlighter to the tear duct area and slapped on some mascara. Kim may very well be wearing falsies though :-). 

Onto the skin...I did a little bit of a different thing with my foundation for this look and it's not something I would ever do this time of year to actually go out. I added a bit of liquid bronzer (Stila) to my foundation (Rimmel True Match) to try and get a more tanned affect, a la Kim Kardashian. It ended up making my skin look quite muddy, but was effective for the overall look. To try and emulate Kim's bone structure, I added lots of concealer in a triangular shape under the eyes and also contoured.

This is the skin done, you can see my skin looks quite tan...again, I don't recommend this if you are as pasty and white as I am right now because you may look slightly ridiculous to the outside world. 

I finished off the look with neutral lips...Urban Decay lipstick in Native with NARS lip gloss in Springbreak over top. I TRIED to replicate Kim's side swept bangs but my cowlick unfortunately wouldn't allow that, so I had to hold my hair to the side, haha.

Hope you enjoyed!! Thanks so much for stopping by, and don't forget to comment about the new look of the blog! XX

Gradient Cat Eye Party Makeup

Hi guys! I hope everyone is enjoying this snowy winter. We are certainly getting our fair share of snow here in the Northeast! I love the snow until about February, and then I'm pretty much over it. Unfortunately the winters where I live last through February and beyond. But that just makes Spring all the nicer right? I'm not going to lie I am already anticipating the warm weather. I never used to be so sensitive to cold but it seems like I just hate it more and more every year! I guess thats why people move South...Anyways back to the makeup! Here I created a gradient cat eye with cool tones, perfect for a night out. Enjoy!

To begin, I decided to take a gel liner and a fine tipped brush and create the outline of where I wanted the wing to be. This step isn't necessary for everyone, but it helps to map out the makeup and make sure both sides are symmetrical. It doesn't have to be neat, you are going to cover it up anyways. 

For the next step, I took this great color from the BareMinerals Ready Eye Duo Palette in The Flashback, and packed it heavily into that winged area that I mapped out. It takes some persistence to really smudge out that black line you initially made, but I like the end result. It takes a little time to get the color solid. 

For the middle color of the gradient I chose Flashtrack from MAC. Take a compact, short shading brush and pack the color onto the center of the lid. Use a blending brush or the clean side to your shader brush and blend the two colors together. 

For the lightest color in the gradient, I chose the lighter color from the same BareMinerals duo I used initially. Blend it into the darker blue and also into the tear duct area. The shadow looks a little blotchy in this picture, I had to go back in and pack some extra color in at the end.

To finish the look I added a few steps. First off, I applied MAC Vanilla Pigment to the entire lower lash line. I did not add anything else, not even lower lash mascara. I also added some black liner to the upper lash line for added definition and a set of corner lashes for drama. 

This is the skin before and after pic. I used Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation in #22 and a damp Beauty Blender. For concealer I used my Covergirl + Olay stick concealer on my undereye area as well as on my blemishes. I added Cargo blush in Ibiza and set everything with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. 

To finish off, I added Rimmel Nude Delight Lipstick with NARS Springbreak lip gloss over top. Then you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this look! Thanks for stopping by :-). XX