Current Beauty Wishlist

Hey guys! With new and exciting products being released all the time in the beauty world, its hard not to constantly have a wishlist! In an effort to curb my beauty-related spending, I decided to put together a wishlist instead of just going right out and buying everything! Check out what I am currently lusting after :-)
I am such a foundation junkie. For some reason it is something that I am always collecting in the quest to find the perfect one. This caught my eye because it boasts a weightless and light application, which is always desirable in a foundation. It's also Buxom's first foundation released (via Sephora anyways), so I was curious about it. I looked through the reviews and they appear to be solidly great! This is one product I would love to try for these cold winter months!

The Naked line by Urban Decay has been FULL of winners. From the eyeshadows to the lipsticks, I am loving everything about these products. One thing I have yet to try is a Naked powder. I usually steer clear from these very loose, messy powders, but based on the reviews this product sounds fantastic. I absolutely love my MAC MSF powder, but this one may be something I try in the next few months!

Benefit is an all around amazing brand. Much like Urban Decay, the company seems to release winning product after winning product. So, when I see a new release I am automatically interested. I don't usually go for lip/cheek stains, but the color of this one looks so amazing! And again, the reviews are fantastic!

I'm not sure if its the cold, lack of sleep, stress or what, but my skin has been not only prone to breakouts but SO lackluster recently. With a wedding coming up this summer, perfect, glowing skin is definitely my goal. I tried a sample of this product (check my review here) last Spring. I remember being super impressed by this product, but unwilling to spend the money to buy the full size. At nearly $70 it is definitely an investment. With my skin struggling a bit lately I am re-considering adding this to my skincare routine!

Probably one of the most popular bronzers ever, this product has always been something I've had in the back of my mind. Bronzer isn't something I collect, but recently I've decided that I should invest in a nice, quality one, especially as my skin gets paler and paler from lack of sun. Perhaps it is something I can justify in the near future!

My skin is SO sensitive I can barely ever change up my skincare routine. 9 times out of 10 I will try a product and within a few days my skin has broken out into little rash-like bumps (cute right?). However, that doesn't stop me from constantly searching for the next great thing in skincare. With awesome reviews and lots of promises, this product seems flawless! Thinking about possibly trying a sample and seeing how my skin reacts!

What is currently on YOUR beauty wishlist? Have you tried any of these products? Thanks so much for stopping by! XX


  1. That's a lovely wishlist! I'm using the NARS Laguna bronzer and I absolutely adore it :)

  2. Ahhhh the Glam Glow mask has been on my 'want'list for such a long time but I just haven't got round to purchasing it yet because of the price. Lol! :P
    Laura x

  3. I'd love to hear what you think about the lancome corrector! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  4. great bronzer.

  5. I agree, tempting products! I think the glam glow would be a good investment? looking radiant is a great thing!
    XX, Elle