3 Steps to Combat Circles + Bags

I don't think there is one woman out there who doesn't struggle with darkness and bags under the eyes. However, some of us are definitely a bit more under-eye challenged than others! I am CONSTANTLY working to figure out the absolute best way to fool unsuspecting people that I do not have permanent 10 day vacation luggage under my eyes. For me, it's genetic, and no matter how much sleep I get I will always be puffy and dark (woohoo!) So, my quest for ultimate coverage continues! I switch my routine up all the time, but I am a fan of this particular coverage technique right now. The placement of the highlighting pen helps to balance out the puffiness so that it appears to be one smooth plain instead of hills and crevices. Then, the stick concealer packs a strong coverage punch to the darkest areas. Set everything with a brightening powder and your good to go! Enjoy!

Products Shown:
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
Covergirl + Olay Stick Concealer
MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Compact


  1. Awesome tutorial ! I think using those three steps are brilliant!
    Thanks so much !
    XX, Elle


  2. I'll definitely be trying this out as I have the WORST bags and dark circles under my eyes! Thanks for the tips! xx